Compassion’s evil twin

imagesWhen I was kid, I felt sorry for myself intensely. When bigger kids pushed me around and my mom wouldn’t go out and make it right, I gloated on my woes. Self-pity has been an evil that has plagued me even up to the present.

from Kathy Long

from Kathy Long

The good thing is that she has a twin called Compassion. As with many “evils,” you can flip them and make them good. When I took aptitude tests in high school, I scored low or average on everything — but they didn’t even measure the deep well of gifting God had given me. Compassion and empathy have driven years of successful ministry. Feeling others’ pain keeps me in prayer.

Self-aggrandizement is a wicked

from Three Chad Presents Stunning Photos

from Three Chad Presents Stunning Photos

motivation to get in ministry. The only true calling is serving others. Consider the contrast: Jesus reflects on the hungry multitudes, “I have compassion on them.” The disciples reflect harsh realities, “And where are we gonna get the money to feed them???” (Matt 15 32 – 39).

Are there others in your world or just yourself? Pic from Unbelievable Pictures

Are there others in your world or just yourself? Pic from Unbelievable Pictures

Are you more like Christ or his disciples? The case is all the worse if you realize the disciples HAD the money to buy enough food (Luke 8:3) — they just were selfish! Compassionlessness is ugly.

So if you suffer from self-pity, don’t despair. Just turn your eyes outward, and you’ll become a marvelously effective servant of God/ of humanity!

16 responses to “Compassion’s evil twin

  1. Beautifully said. I ds my last semester of seminary in Israel. An amazing experience. When I sat on the hill where the 5000 where fed, it was surreal. We can be selfish can’t we? Even when we think we aren’t. Thank you or this post.

  2. anthonyhellmann

    Very well composed. Balance is the key to living

  3. Is it possible to dole out our compassion? I think that is what I do from time to time. Thank you for this moment of vulnerability in myself.

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  6. Much respected Pastor Mike: Thank you for being real, kind, compassionate and for inspiring others to be also. Which, in my opinion, is relationship. Which is not institutional. Which shows your love of Christ. Which heals in the hospital-church, and touches the hearts of the wary. Blessings! Diane

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    Thank you for sharing

  8. Thank you for reading my work.
    Much of what you say is very familiar to me, you only real choice is between love and fear. Love is giving, compassionate, and transformational. Fear is isolating and self protective.

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