Welcome to the Hotel Prayer-ifornia

from Pinterest

from Pinterest

Marie Colantoni Pechet from adventuresinspiritualliving points out a common failing: prayer is our last resort. We try everything else, and when nothing works, then and only then we finally turn to God. It shouldn’t be that way. We ought to seek God first.

Instead of being a last resort, God should a five-star resort. Hahahaha! Why not? Being with God is better than a sumptuous buffet! His rest is better than the king-size bed! The panorama of the Bible is prettier than any Caribbean view. Etc.

But we allow so many distractions to pull

from cloud lounge (where I always find the best photos)

from cloud lounge (where I always find the best photos)

us away. The good-old-do-it-yourself spirit of America is strongly ingrained. And often we simply don’t believe until we have no other option: the doctor gives us six months, the bank forecloses, I go 10 years of virtually stagnant ministry until I finally get it. AHA! I should have started with what I ended (prayer).


17 responses to “Welcome to the Hotel Prayer-ifornia

  1. YES! And I’m proud to say after over 20 years of searching I finally found a church I can call home, and during a time when I was happy, not desperate! 🙂

  2. How true. God wasn’t in my life, but God was the last in the life I once lived, God quickly became the first in the life I now live. May your prayers be answered.

  3. Wow, love this post and this whole attitude and approach! Love all your posts, actually, but got a particular kick from this one. (Soccer joke refers to your recent post haha) Thank you.

  4. Taste and SEE that the Lord is good. – I love how He uses mixed sensory there.
    Loved your post!

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  6. VictoriaJoDean

    Love the imagery of a sumptuous buffet – our prayer table with Jesus. 🙂

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