I ‘kneeded’ this

Those Tweener prayer warriors.

Those Tweener prayer warriors.

I'm no match for Rob, in blue, freshman on a varsity team.

I’m no match for Rob, in blue, freshman on a varsity team.

Two months ago I konked my knee playing street soccer with my varsity team. At the time, it didn’t seem abnormal, not too bad on pain. I even kept playing. Later, however, it had a clicking that worried me. I consulted a doctor, and he feared a torn piece of cartilage was lodged in there. After two months, it wasn’t much better.

from pinterest

from pinterest

Then I got prayed for. The boys in my Sunday School class — called “Tweeners” — had just heard about faith and were pumped to pray. I am back to playing soccer! Jesus healed me! (Being able to play soccer is about as important for me as a U.S. president attending his own inauguration!)

The Bible says that kids have special words — of praise — unadulterated because of their

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from pinterest

sincerity and innocence. And I say it’s good to be in God’s service, not matter how small or insignificant. Today I scored a goal in beach soccer against my son’s team! Ha! And at the end, we won! Ha!

As soon as the pros hear about this, I expect they’ll be heading to their local, Bible-believing church to cut their injury time.

22 responses to “I ‘kneeded’ this

  1. Wonderful testimony to the power of prayer! Thank you for sharing what He did through the prayers of young people. It is so exciting to see them grow spiritually.

  2. What a beautiful testimony of the power of prayer. I am sure those “tweeners” who prayed for you are equally blessed by seeing you healed as you are being healed. Thanks for sharing the inspiring story! Blessings.

  3. Congrats on the goal and the win! Glad your knee is better. Oh, yeah, prayer is mighty powerful!

  4. This reminded me of my sweet 18 year old daughter’s life… so filled with faith. She sat next me closely the night her dad was minutes from death in the ER and said, “Everything will be okay. I know dad will be fine.” She spoke with such confidence that I knew it was God in her. I have seen this faith in her since she was 3 years old. The way she has lived her life has proven God to many. I love her so much and her faith inspires me.

    Thanks for sharing this so others can be reminded of the faithful youth in their lives.

    • Wow! I would like to meet her. Sounds like an inspirational person!

      • She certainly is… By the time she was 14 she had started her own ballet dance ministry, graduated high school by age 16, danced in a ballet company that perpetuated the Love of God through their talents and started her own Christian dance company all by age 18. She also writes as part of her ministry like I do and works very charitably in varying ways. I know I am biased but there is no doubt she inspires many. She intends only for her talents and gifts to be used for His glory. Imagine how happy we are as her parents! She lives His love out on people.

        (http://Anazaodance.org – if anyone enjoys dance and watching anyone using talents for Him.) I just love to see others praying and seeking God – especially the younger generations.

  5. Fantastic post today and I feel blessed by it. Glad you are better and it’s always a great day when kids are led to prayer.

  6. Happy to know that your knee is better now.

  7. Thanks for stopping by today my Brother. Bless you for encouraging others and mentoring those tweener prayer warriors. I’ve got one and he is mighty.

  8. God bless those cute tweens! I’m glad that you’re healed, praise God!

  9. Precious to be prayed for by tender hearts and minds! Much better than surgery!

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