She prayed for two hours a night in his room

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from pinterest

She showed up mysteriously and asked to be allowed to pray for him. Troubled by poor decisions and an acrimonious divorce, the youth received her warmly enough. Though it seemed strange to him, he let her pray in his room with him there. After the first session, there was another, and then another, and then another. Sometimes he cried, and he didn’t know why.


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She was being led by the Holy Spirit. Just barely known to the family, this saint helped the youth carry a burden he didn’t know how to handle. And at the end of the prayer sessions, he was a transformed man. He no longer acted like a rebel. He became a leader for his brothers, in his school. Everyone marveled at the radical change of heart.

God changes people, and He

from pinterest

from pinterest

uses prayer warriors like this lady. They don’t follow an agenda. They have no personal ambition. They feel promptings in their heart and follow them. The uncomprehending regard them as nutcases. But psychologist, no counselor, no life coach can achieve better results.

13 responses to “She prayed for two hours a night in his room

  1. An interesting anecdote!

  2. How wonderful! The power of prayer and a good soul – correction, two good souls. This is my favourite story today. Thank you! 🙂

  3. thank you for this blog. we don’t change people. Jesus does.

  4. Encouraging

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