Only 15 minutes of prayer?


The world is in your hands. Will you pray?

My seminary emphasized God’s sovereignty. They followed it to its extreme logical conclusion: the intercession group prayed 15 minutes a week.


Their theology was good. Their practice bad. Jesus Himself spent whole nights in prayer. If the Son of the LIVING GOD needed loads of prayer, how much more ourselves?

pint15Sovereignty means nobody, nothing stops God. Everything is part of his total-control. Carried to an extreme, hyper-Calvinism rules out the need for evangelism since God already has destined for salvation those who will get saved. Never mind that Jesus told us to go and evangelize.

My seminary didn’t rule out evangelism, and they didn’t rule out prayer in theory — but they sure did in the practice. While I believe in God’s sovereignty, at the same time I believe my prayers make a difference in the war for the world. I’m constantly reproaching myself for prayerlessness.

praycircleWe should not discredit the doctrine of God’s sovereignty, but it lives in tension with calls to action in the Bible. (The atheists have a field day with this doctrine!) I’m comfortable with the uncomfortable tension. Stay calm and keep praying.

23 responses to “Only 15 minutes of prayer?

  1. Great thoughts rhank you Pastor!


  2. Agree 100% on prayer. No limit. If anything, we should be praying way more than we already are. But help me understand, are you saying you agree with the “hyper-Calvinism” as you put it? That people are pre-destined for salvation? I pegged you more as a “salvation is up to the person” kind of pastor?

  3. How do you manage to get such fascinating photos?

  4. My devotions this morning centered on intercession, and at this point I think my sermon on the 17th is likely to, too. I’ve always considered prayer a mystery, like why on earth would our prayers make any difference? However, the Bible is full of encouragement to pray, and the Bible and experience are full of examples that it really does make a difference.

  5. Reblogged this on Pastor Jason R. Gainey and commented:
    Prayer is the language for which God governs the world.

  6. I’m glad God answers prayers…and yes it is a mystery! God can measure all these things like love, determination that we as humans cannot even begin to quantify! I don’t have to understand everything, but I know that prayer gives me peace and joy…if even my prayers don’t get answered how I want, His presence alone is refreshing.

  7. I always love what you write – it gets me thinking and feeling. And I have been thinking about this one, and deciding that my current POV is that 15 minutes of prayer is great, more is better, but whatever we can do is awesome and God will work with what we give Him.

  8. Great and timely message, thank you!

  9. Yes I agree, when we pray we start moving things… we make the will of God come to pass

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