Prayer: a distinctive of a Christian



Maybe Samson wasn’t muscle-bound at all. To the contrary, the Bible states that it was the power God that came upon him and enabled him to perform Herculean feats. But after Samson violated the last remaining distinctive (having his hair cut off), God’s Spirit left him and he became a wimp.

What distinguishes you as a Christian and sets you apart from a person who doesn’t know God? I hope prayer does.

Most of the “signs” of a believer in the Bible are inwardly, not outwardly. (Even circumcision was a a

Not muscles, but the power of God enabled Samson. You can access that same power.

Not muscles, but the power of God enabled Samson. You can access that same power.

very private sign!) The believer knew it and no one else. Carrying a Bible and wearing a Sunday hat don’t make you a Christian.

Only you know how much you are praying. Jesus prayed. His disciples prayed. They have left us this legacy. A significant portion of our day is to be dedicated to prayer. I shoot for at least an hour. A friend of mine gets three. (Praise God for her!)


9 responses to “Prayer: a distinctive of a Christian

  1. Most are inward so true, and then we have the call to do. Prayer is a verb. As is being a Christian. I love this above all: for my salvation I didn’t need to do a thing but believe and receive. Beautiful Jesus.

  2. for some reason I have always pictured Samson of being 4 feet 10 and 1/2 inches tall with tooth pick arms. The one thing that always jumped out was people wanted to know the secret to his strength. I am sure he had no six pack abbes! God Bless!

  3. It’s great to set apart time each day to get alone with God in prayer and to add to it times we are in the check- out line at the store or waiting for the gas tank to fill up or on hold for the telephone etc. BUT if prayer consists of more time listening for God to speak and direct our lives than for our speaking then I can better understand the verse of Paul’s when he says in Gods Word”pray without ceasing”

  4. God has me wrestling a lot with my prayer life right now. this post comes at a very good time. thanks again!

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