Delegate to God

images-1A key to success for the business administrator is to trust his employees and colleagues. He runs himself ragged who thinks no one else will get it right and so he has to do everything himself. He also fails. You need to depend on dependable people. You multiply your impact when you learn to delegate.

images-2So why won’t you delegate to God? That’s prayer. Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you — 1 P. 5:7 New Living Translation.

You diehard workaholic will burn out with your own efforts. You are so limiting your impact by not praying more. Can’t you trust God to do better than you?

images-3What should be delegated to God? Everything. (I’m not saying you do no work in your ministry, but I am saying you leave all the success up to Him.) And don’t go about trying to fire God. And don’t give Him completion dates (although if your church rent is due on a certain date, it might good to pray along those lines). He’ll get it done at the perfect moment!

Literally, you’re not delegating to God enough. You’re retaining too much control of your ministry. Go ahead and work, but pray plenty!

13 responses to “Delegate to God

  1. When I read this a thought popped into my mind, a phrase we all in the church spoke frequently growing up in the Baptist churches I attended. It was “Let go and let God”.
    The wisest man in the world king Solomon
    after running after all the vanities of the world came to God for his brain to be washed and cleansed and he wrote that the whole duty of man is to keep Gods laws and rules and commandments and in so doing you will live a good life, peaceful and joyous. This is my interpretation. Putting God first puts life in proper perspective, our neighbor comes second. Then we find our own needs have already been miraculously met.
    This is the teaching of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus. Proven over and over again and again.
    Test The Lord and see that He is good!

  2. Amen, delegate everthing to God, it is our firm hope, faith, and rock!

  3. I think we struggle with this because we feel praying is just not “doing” enough. Prayer is work, if it’s done right.

  4. Great points and your pictures do a wonderful job driving the point home. Delegation is good for us and those we delegate to for God’s glory!

  5. This is one thing I have to keep learning: “You multiply your impact when you learn to delegate.” God bless you.

  6. Well said!!

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