Scoff at yourself

from Blue Pueblo

from Blue Pueblo

You wouldn’t for a minute allow yourself to think the world is flat. You wouldn’t for a minute allow yourself to think the moon is made of cheese. You wouldn’t for a minute allow yourself to think Santa Claus is real.

from Ben Rogers blog

from Ben Rogers blog

So why do you allow yourself to think what doesn’t line up with the Word of God? What’ true is true. You wouldn’t believe what’s false, even if your finances don’t currently show God’s provision. Or if your body’s symptoms don’t testify to healing.

But the carnal mind is pernicious. It seizes on negativity. If we think disappointment, we could take it to the next level and confess disappointment. Then we become prophets of our own doom. Death and life are in the power of the tongue — Prov. 18:21 KJV. That’s why it so important to confess good, not bad, over your life.

237776055298268630_iVIBKTVM_fSo the next time, unbelief raises its hoary head and starts its rant, make fun of yourself. The Word of God is true and not my “reality.” It is my reality that needs to come in line with Eternal Truth, not the other way around. Prayer is positive confession, but it is also more than that because it gets God involved!

18 responses to “Scoff at yourself

  1. Awesome words! It’s funny you should say this today, because this is exactly what I was just writing about for tomorrow! Thank you for your inspirational words.

    • I plagiarized your mind. Hahahaha. Sorry… JK

      • Nooo, you get credit because you got it out first! 😉 It’s ok, mine is coming at the same topic but from a slightly different direction. I do think it’s interesting that the ideas are so similar, though. And I’ve seen other people talking about the same thing today. I think Someone may be trying to tell me something! Now if I can just find my mental Q-tips and clean my spiritual ears out…

        • Hahaha. Yes, it is very good that we are shedding the light on Internet. You know, the nonbeleivers are much savvier at using this medium. We need more Christians flooding the Internet with the light of the gospel. Keep it up! We all need to write on the same theme! (as long as it glorifies Jesus)! yours, Mike

  2. I agree with both of you – let’s flood the internet with Light!! Thanks for your words today.

  3. Love it. So glad you swung by my page and found me. Confession is so important. What do we believe about the character of God? About ourselves? About our lives? Believe it and receive, but always we must remember God is in control. There is no power struggle for the Christian who knows the Lord runs the show and they are but a servant. Our fear, apprehension or poor words may show a lack of faith, or an unfinished emotional or relational disturbance or perhaps unconfessed sins. So several months ago I was eating a soft pretzel with mustard and it lead into a family conversation with my niece about the “mustard seed” and how Jesus taught that faith as small as this can do great things… 🙂 Your blog reminds me of this moment and yours posts are making me smile.

  4. Just what I needed to hear today. God bless. Connie

  5. I love this! But err, you just took a shot at some people: “You wouldn’t for a minute allow yourself to think Santa Claus is real.” Loool.

  6. “So why do you allow yourself to think what doesn’t line up with the Word of God? What’ true is true.” — very true, but a darkened mind can’t see nor understand. The only true ‘reality’ is found within God’s Work and His design. nice post

  7. One of my most frequently-used statements in counseling: “If we believe that our feelings, our emotions, MUST be the truth, we are setting ourselves up for disaster. Always check how you feel against the truth of God’s Word.”

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