More than mumbo jumbo

from Aswan-Egypt

from Aswan-Egypt

It’s so real that medical texts have a term for it: psychosomatic disease. The person feels every symptom, but there is no sign of infection. Call it mind tricks.

from blue pueblo

from blue pueblo

He believes it and has it, though no trace of logical cause can be found.

The patient first believes he is sick. It worsens when he begins to speak about it. Then he acts sick. The doctor gives him a placebo, a sugar pill, and tells him he’ll be well so that he can experience a reversal of symptoms through his belief.

What works to sicken, also works to make well: believe, speak, act. This is not hocus pocus. It is science. It is also Bible. Death and life are in the power of the tongue — Prov. 18:21 KJV. Apparently, it is such a powerful dynamic that it works without the intervention of God.

from Ben Rogers blog

from Ben Rogers blog

How much more so with God’s intervention! Believe in your heart for your answer. Speak it in prayer. Act on your faith. To me, it makes no sense that the same skeptics who snigger at the positive confession quantify and scientifically classify the negative confession. Or do we only affirm the bad? A Christian affirms the good.

Faith can heal you. Faith can bring needed finances. Faith can answer prayer. If they tongue has the power to make a person psychosomatically sick, then it also has the power to heal.

17 responses to “More than mumbo jumbo

  1. glad to see more are talking healing, faith is healing, believeing is healing

  2. yourothermotherhere

    I can testify to the power of prayer—many times.

  3. Definitely seeing God working on this in my own life recently. I am become more “aware” of what I’m thinking and saying. Thanks for the post because I need a lot of re”mind”ing 🙂

  4. Hi Mike, You raise good points in your post, about the power of the tongue. I learned on a course called “Cleansing Streams” that God created by speaking, and we who are made in God’s image can also create by speaking. Its given me pause to think since then!

  5. Amen! So good. Thankful for the power that He gives each of us…in faith we must simply will to use that power for good.

  6. Thank you for these great words of advice that are so easy to do! At our church last week, a guest speaker said…”my mouth makes me miracles or makes me miserable”. Let’s all choose option one : )

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