Don’t just work for $$$

IMG_1974Time is money. Or so they say.

greedIf you fully ascribe to that philosophy, you tend to allot time slots only in two categories  1) Work hard. 2) Play hard. God gets increasingly shorter shrift because time is money and time we dedicate to Him is neither money made nor money enjoyed.

For reasons I don’t fully understand, deep in my heart resides an

from Kendra Hansen

from Kendra Hansen

unquenchable desire to serve humanity for free. Dunno why. Maybe because I was so disillusioned with the American Dream as a child (loneliness). Whatever its cause, I treasure service to God and man as 24 carat gold.

I highly recommend the emotional riches of altruism to everybody. For years, I was a missionary. Now I teach in a small private Christian high school

from EcoGreen

from EcoGreen

(“small” = no budget. Get it?). And I’m loving it. I find myself trying to explain myself to a a country that, by and large, doesn’t understand anything beyond keeping up with Jones. (Hey, if you’re in the rat race, what does that make you?)

By no means am I disparaging hard work and prosperity. I’m only trying to stress the need to make significant time for selfless service. Such enriches your heart. If you don’t know how wonderful it is, give it try.



25 responses to “Don’t just work for $$$

  1. Just try and keep up with this Jones 🙂 me

  2. You’ve found the secret to living a joy filled life : service.

    I’m so glad you’re in the blogging world. You’re a great encouragement and reminder of everything true and real.

  3. Yes, that’s me! All my life I’ve only worked in areas I am passionate about. So it feels that I’ve never worked a day in my life. No wonder I am almost 50 and have no gray hair at all! LOL!

    My accountant thinks I’m a loser because I’m not making a six figure salary. He refers to me as a “poor person.” I’m sure many dream about being as “poor” as I am, as I have the happiest, most satisfying life and wake up with a smile on my face every day. I’m not poor, I have many nice things. But my priorities are in a better place than most. That makes me rich 🙂

  4. It is true – when I was volunteering, I had never been happier. I plan to volunteer more after my kids grow up a little (it’s hard casue they are both young and take up alot of my time, but in its own way, that is sort of like volunteering because you are totally committed to taking care of these little boys! But as for money – I find that when I focus on money issues, I tend to get more down on myself. When I focus on the real things in life, I am much happier. It’s all a matter of your priorities.

  5. Working for some gain
    Mostly ends in pain
    Selfless service as rain
    Brings us joy main.

  6. Working for some gain
    Mostly ends in pain
    Selfless service as rain
    Brings us joy main

  7. So true! And this philosophy has crept into the church. I would like to work in Christian Ed as well and have received comments like, “Don’t work there. The pay there is terrible.” Sad.

  8. “I find myself trying to explain myself to a a country that, by and large, doesn’t understand anything beyond keeping up with Jones:

    Especially when you enjoy the alternative, after college. They key is to keep walking in God’s promises and let. Him. work. And keep asking Him what He wants to do with your hands and feet.

    Awesome write-up.

  9. Last Friday, I was offered a f/t, permanent, position with a not-for-profit organization that operates group homes for children aged 6 – 16. The goal is that every child will be able to return home, or to their community, as a healthy, productive, whole individual. I know it won’t be an easy job but it will be a rewarding one, even if I don’t always see the evidence, because I have wanted a job for so many years where I could make a difference. I know it’s not altruistic but the salary is proof I’m not in it for the money.

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