It’s the same God

from soumyav

from soumyav

ATT002059Commander Joshua receives his marching orders from God: As I was with Moses, so I will be with you — Josh 1:5 NIV. You’ll have no less success, God says, because I’ll be with you in no less measure.

ATT0022014That promise is for us, New Testament habitation of the Holy Spirit. God is with us. Our lives testify to the same outpouring as the Biblical heroes, the same kinds of miracles. It’s an error to think “that was then, and this is 231442868319859281_Q75q97eD_bnow.” The book of Acts does not end with the word “amen,” unlike most other New Testament books; this signifies that the “acts” of the Holy Spirit continue in and through us.

God offers no less for us than for them. Our only limitation is our own lack of faith. He responds to faith and is shocked by lack of faith. When you pray — whether it be for health, deliverance or finances — realize He is with you in the same way He was with Moses and Joshua.

33 responses to “It’s the same God

  1. It’s an error to think β€œthat was then, and this is now.”–TRUE!He is the same yesterday,today and forever (Hebrews 13:8)

  2. Amen man of God. The principal people seem to struggle with is what does it mean to have faith and receive? In Matthew 21:22 Jesus says ‘And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive’… He tells us so clearly what we must do. In that moment of prayer we simply open ourselves and receive it there and then. There is no distinction. The prayers of God’s people ought to be ending in praise in joyful dance because they have listened to Jesus and have received what they have asked for in their spirit. And when you receive it in your spirit there is nothing that will stop it coming to you in the physical world, it’s an amazing life he has given to us, it’s not an ordinary life. It’s a divine life – his exact life running through us, his spirit in us – that is a powerful thing. We have the life of God in us, when we believe and simply by faith we walk the same life. Heeeey!!! Glory to his Holy Name!!

  3. There is but one God; it’s the same God. There is a song title that rubs me the wrong way every time i hear it. “Our God is an awesome God” starts with the adjective (our) which is a describing word the main syntactic role of which is to qualify a noun or noun phrase, giving more information about the object signified. It makes the point that if there is an “Our God” then there must be other God’s which is incorrect. Saying that God is awesome, with awesome being an overworked word, is true. Saying Our God is not correct. Just needed too get that off my mind. Several nails on the black board with today’s grammar: I’m like…And beginning a sentence with the word basically only to proceed describing the subject exactly. “Basically I’m 6′ 1.5” tall??? Gosh, I feel better already!

    • Bro, I think you’re right on with the “our God” implication. But at the same time, “our God” can also implicate that other people think there are other gods. I think the first choice is more logical though. The song comes from scripture when the Israelites actually faced off with other peoples and other “gods.”
      I realize my title could lead anyone to think I’m a universalist or a New Ager. And the picture could be construed as New Agey also. But I hope the text clarifies that.

  4. Needed to hear these words! You always have the best pictures by the way! πŸ™‚

  5. I too believe what you’ve posted. Faith, means REALLY having faith, and not just saying, but believing. I read “Amen” means “so be it” – and so it is!
    Thanks for your positive posts.

  6. Agree with this 100%. God doesn’t change, our understanding of him may as we come to a more perfect knowledge, but he doesn’t change.

  7. I have 12 Followers on Twitter… Maybe straight to the source can be applied to all facets of life. Thanks for dropping by “Honey.”

  8. God solidified His promise to be with His servants by sending the Holy Spirit to dwell in man. In Him God is with us.

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  10. Heather Mertens - 40YearWanderer

    I remember something I learned… that “Amen” means “So Be It”. If everyone would keep that in mind, then we’d always be reminded that God is the Great I Am and “Be” is another way to say “Am” – so “Am” has our backs. So Be It!

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