Remote warfare

1002-DRONES-copy-cat.jpg_full_600As technology has advanced rapidly, military drones are transitioning from remotely-piloted to almost completely autonomous. The “pilot” now only programs the mission, hits the “takeoff” button and the computer-generated drone+chemical+warfareaction-sequencing does the rest. By one account, drone-launched missiles killed up to 1000 people in 2006-09, including 20 leaders of al-Qaeda. The burst of drone use is for one obvious reason: you don’t endanger American lives.

Far away from danger, the pilot wages war.

Far away from danger, the pilot wages war.

As Christians, we need no more advances in technology to practice remote warfare. The Holy Spirit never errs in His air strikes (but we are talking about giving life, not death, now). We can reach 1000s of miles instantly for healing, salvation, deliverance, finances, whatever.

dronesHave you prayed for outside of your little circle of local friends? Let’s set the range for Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia — and other nations behind the “Iron Veil.” Let’s pray for China that God would continue to stoke revival!

I guess the funny thing is kids playing video games these days are actually training for the Air Force. Praying for souls around the world is no game. We should stop “playing” Christianity and start fulfilling our call to work — at prayer.


13 responses to “Remote warfare

  1. I love your last sentence.

  2. A very good thought to start my day,Stop “playing” and start working.thank you for this!

  3. A topic for another day is the ethics of drone warfare.

  4. I think an Xbox 360 and a system to control a remote drone launching missiles thousands of miles away are a bit different. But who am I kidding with the way things are going these days maybe all you will need is a drone, internet, and an Xbox 360 and you could be one man army.

  5. Pastor Mike, I love the point you are making here. However I must say the endangerment of American lives depends on who has the drones. The most powerful weapon in the world can be held by anyone that the Holy Spirit listens to, but when combined with the Teachers words, LOVE is the fulfilling word. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Christ. May the world be conquered and fed peace, then—the end comes, and Christ begins. Words are very powerful when combined with LOVE. May God hear within many hearts and conquer what many do not see or know. I am only a baby in diapers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Excellent application. Like x 100:)

  7. As an independent, self-supporting missionary in Japan, I can use all the “long range prayer support” I can get! There was a period in which I had virtually none, and the ministry here practically went down the tubes. Prayer isn’t just helpful, it’s essential!

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