Conquering love

51650726947092386_kcArEKgF_bHe who loves much, gives much. Christianity has always spread by love. There have been times when people who call themselves Christians have taken up arms in the name of the Savior, but that is NOT Christianity. They lied.

Christianity advances by love, not by military conquest. Love conquers all. It is our martyrs who laid down their lives with no resistance who have made Christianity explode around the globe. It is our prayer warriors, who sacrifice hours of playing time to pray, who fff07746-cd01-45cd-b046-193d016ba9a7have stoked revival fire. Care enough, love enough, to pray today.

Rightly, billiescauldron points out this glaring flaw in my last post, Remote Warfare. I was demonstrating similarities between pray-ers and pilots who remotely fly drones to hit targets from far away. You can pray for Iran and blow up the devil. But the analogy breaks down over the basis of Christianity: love. Thanks, Billie!

In your walk with Christ, don't leave love behind.

In your walk with Christ, don’t leave love behind.

You are saved because of God’s love. He sent His Son. As a Christian, you must strive to conform to His image. Love others enough to take time to pray for them.

When you pray for finances in your ministry, let love be the principal basis for prayer. If your ministry grows, more people will be established in Christ.

17 responses to “Conquering love

  1. Right on.

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  3. When we fully understand love, except it, embrace it – we then and only then have the power to change the world. Great article.

  4. I really like the foto and the comment: …. don’t leave love behind! This is so important: LOVE. And we can only love if we experienced God’s love.

  5. Love-filled prayer, a love that is a gift from God. What if we all committed to love-filled prayer? We’d set this planet on fire for God. I’m committing myself. Father of love, fill our hearts with agape love, Your love, not the emotional kind of love, but the God-breathed love that burns in the bush but does not consume it. Set that love-fire in our prayers, and we will watch You spread Your kingdom.

  6. Beautifully written.

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  7. This is a great post and the picture. Really when we allow the love of God to dwell in us, there will not be room for hatred, there will be no violence, there will be no war and there will always be peace. May the good Lord continue to increase His anointing over your life, family, ministry and love ones in Jesus name.

  8. When God gives the vision, He will provide the resources. Seek first the Kingdom and his righteousness, and ALL these things shall be added unto you. God already promises us abundant provisions and prosperity. God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. My question is should we really be praying for finances still?

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  10. billiescauldron has a good eye. I missed that one completely. Still, I think your point was well-made.

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