Lit and Scribbles with Jae shares on $$$



I don’t write hardly about the tithe, but I believe in it. Today, I’ve asked Jae to share her experiences, that might be useful to somebody. She’s an accomplished writer on wordpress, and I certainly enjoy her posts always. Here’s what she says:

As you can see clearly from her face, it's Jae.

As you can see clearly from her face, it’s Jae.

I have found that regularly donating a portion of my income to church and charity always keeps me in good financial hands. It doesn’t mean that I’m rich or that things aren’t tight, but it seems like when you give to God he always looks after you. I heard Jon Hunstman, Sr. once said, if you want to be rich find a charity and donate to it regularly. I think rich can be both a financial thing and a spiritual thing. I feel like because I try to be generous to the less fortunate with what little I have I’m “rich” in many ways and have a happy life.

23 responses to “Lit and Scribbles with Jae shares on $$$

  1. The tithe is not for the church. The tithe was never about money and tithe was only on the increase.

    • The thing is for most our increase is money. You’re correct in saying it doesn’t only have to be money. It can be crops for a farmer. And most importantly, what you decide is a tithe is between you and God and nobody else. I see the church as an organization engaged in doing God’s work. So if you feel like the churches in your area aren’t, give the tithe to a charity or some place else you feel is doing God’s work. There are plenty of good organizations out there and God still blesses us for our giving.

      • yes. but i guess my point is that the tithe was for Israel and specifically tied to the priesthood and the temple. so if you want to go by the tithe then you have to go by the sacrifices and the feasts. you can’t just pick and choose. i agree with giving but don’t try to tie the church to the tithe because there’s more to it than just giving 10 percent.

        • I get where you’re coming from, but I disagree if that means not tithing because there isn’t a specific temple to give to. I’m sure you agree churches do a lot of good in the world, and that’s how I see the tithe helping in the modern age. But we all must go with what we feel is right in the sight of God, so we can agree to disagree, knowing we’re both serving God in our own best ways. 🙂

      • yes He does. but the tithe was not for the church it was for Israel. anyone who tries to force the tithe on the church is acting outside scripture.

  2. When I married my husband he forbid me to tithe as he didn’t believe in it. My savings went down to zero and we had to go to charities for food for a couple of years. It was on my conscience, so I started tithing again secretly on my income, obeying YHWH’s Law, which I felt came before obeying my husband. Whether I was right or wrong, well, within one year–with the same income–I had saved enough money to buy my $13,000 car with cash and paid cash for my first computer. Meanwhile, my husband had such numerous damages to and repairs needed for HIS car and household items he must have paid out as much as I saved. Not only that but my tithe has paid for new braces for the legs of a little disabled boy in Africa, to feed children at an African orphanage, and many, many, other things.

  3. When you give away something dear too you you’ve launched a Spiritual Boomerang…Sometime later God taps the back of your head with a gift…

  4. Thoughtful words. Thank you.

  5. My wife and I are heading for church. It is Sunday, and we have about two weeks until our next Social Security check comes in. We have five dollars left. We intend to by something for a dollar and put the rest in the donation box when it is passed around. We don’t think we are bound to do this. We don’t expect anything in return. We just know that although we only have five dollars left, we do have food, and water, and heat that will last the two weeks until check time, and a lot of others don’t have that.
    Why the dollar purchase? We need to have ones so we can each put something in on each pass of the basket.

  6. Sorry I just bumped into this. I’m not great at checking blogs on weekends. Anyways, I really believe in this philosophy of giving makes you richer (again rich is subjective). I find it interesting that a version of this scripture appears in Matthew (twice), Mark, and Luke: For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. When we give for God’s sake, we gain from God. If we try to give other’s happiness, we gain happiness. Thanks for featuring my words. I’m a little bit blushing, but hopefully it helps to inspire. 😀

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