It’s a four-letter word

If you lose millions of dollars, you can get it back. If you lose your health, you can get it back. You can get back just about most anything. But the one thing you can never get back is t-i-m-e.

Many things we think are a “waste of time” are not. Those things we hold to be a best use of time, actually are a waste. Time will run out into the ocean of eternity one day and will stop marching forward. On that day, you and I will be in either Heaven or Hell. What we do here on earth in favor of eternity is the best use of time.

Have you hugged your family yet? Have you hugged God in prayer today?

28 responses to “It’s a four-letter word

  1. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. That picture is really neat. Where did you find that? Inspiring post, as always. Thank you!

  3. totally agree with simplyenjoy πŸ™‚

  4. Interesting picture and inspiring context. Judy

    • good to hear from you, Judy! thanks for your comments! We have missed you!

    • News of late spoke of a man in Florida who was swallowed up by a sinkhole and in seconds lost his life. Was he ready to die, had he prayed for the Life giving atonement from Lord Jesus blood to be applied to his sins? And how many of the millions who saw the story on the news or read it in the newspapers had that thought of was he still alive in the presence of God now or was he in eternal torment? These stories should bring us to a place of more total surrender to God our Savior and seek peace and to truly Love our neighbor with deeper and a more fuller commitment.

  5. Amen – yes, the most priceless things – family, friends, love, we need to appreciate every day, be grateful for, and know they are more valuable than all the money in the world. Money we can get back, posessions we can get back, or get better ones – our health though we can lose and not be able to get back, no matter how much money we have. Look at Steve Jobs – all his billions of $ in the end could not buy him back good health – just like it could not buy him more more second or one more breath when he reached his end.

  6. So very true, and we often do waste time. Big hug for you and my GOD!

  7. Point well taken, my friend. Time is a precious commodity…. God has allotted only a small portion to each of us. What we do with it surely will be a factor in how God views us on judgment day. Whether He says, “welcome My good and true servant,” or, expels us as never having known us. Each hour given us is to be spent in following the life of Christ….. serving our one true God.

  8. I love your illustration! may more and more discover the joy of being hugged by God through His Word.

  9. Pastor it is my belief, God loses none. When hell is seen the only one to run to is God. Prepare today and don’t be late.

  10. Thanks for the like! Linda.

  11. Great photo. I once heard that in our homes we should hug anything that moves and sell anything that doesn’t.

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