But first you must invest

goal_1690382aLike other mortals, I was stunned by Barcelona’s 4-0 snuffing of AC Milan to blaze with canons firing into Champions League quarter finals.

d1cf09c4846b44ae9efbcf1b1e9ce6bb-e5cac050bd644db6b32f1d3af7fa3e1c-8With confounding feet, Leonel Messi fired out of a throng of Milan defenders high into left corner at minute 5, leaving Goalie Christian Abbiati looking like a tree planted in the ground, his vision blocked by his own defenders.

article-2292371-189C5EF3000005DC-744_634x414Just before the half, Messi again caught Abbiati wrong-footed with a low torpedo through defender’s legs that sank Italian hearts. A third curling goal from David Villa marked victory, and a lung-bursting sprint from Jordi Alba, picking up a cross from Dani Alves, made it four.

201303121615585444821-p2The Barcelona Symphony, directed by Messi, played a command performance, overcoming a 2-0 deficit on the away game — a feat never before seen in the Champions League.

With brimming reason, Messi has been named an unprecedented four times best world player. But first, Barcelona had to invest in him.

messi-began-playing-soccer-at-the-age-of-fiveAt 11 years of age, the Argentine showed early promise but suffered from growth hormone deficiency. His dad, a poor steelworker, could not afford it. The legendary Argentine team River Plate recruited Messi but balked at the $900/month treatment.

article-1382260-0BCCEDFD00000578-821_634x516Investment-risking on a potential starlet, FC Barcelona forked over for his treatment and moved him to Spain, where he rose through the ranks of their youth academy.

With consistent admiration from coaches, players and commentators around the world, Messi is perched atop the pyramid of soccer prowess. Any team would love to contract him. They would be willing to pay multiple millions of dollars. But Messi remains loyal to the Catalan kings because he’s grateful: when he was needy, they were there for him.

First you must invest to reap a harvest of blessing. Invest your most precious commodity: time. Pray.

9 responses to “But first you must invest

  1. We invest in that which we value, which for many of us is a sad commentary. More people violate the 1st Commandment (out of the 10) than realize it, placing other things ahead of God in their affections and their schedules.

  2. That team lives for football, it is a way of life, and in doing so are great at it. Once I read that the worlds greatest violinist puts in over 1500 hours per year in practice… Love the point thanks for the post. Blessings to you.

  3. deborahgambrel

    Its an incredible principle, sow and you will reap. The world calls it Karma and “you get what’s coming to you” but they don’t understand God’s perspective. When you bless others you will be blessed even if it’s not right away, it’s coming at the right time. The best thing is the Grace we have in Jesus Christ, that even when we have sinned and done wrong his response is I have taken care of it, receive my forgiveness, love and live. When we have accepted what we don’t deserve our hearts grow to be a blessing even more. Talk about a great investment, the cross.

    • I still don’t the “karma” thing. As far as I know, true Hindu Karma is reincarnation. You behave yourself, you’re born in the next life a caste higher. You misbehave, you’re born a fly next life. How did the Hindu concept become a reap-what-you-sow principle?

  4. Reblogged this on Rapadoo Observateur and commented:
    But first you must believe, then invest. this is a craftsman at work.

  5. So many times we want to celebrate in the palace without going through the prison (like Joseph).

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