Finger-pointing is not the answer

507710557961662897_MnPCae3C_bEverybody has their share of angst. When our actions, when our lives, don’t line up with our ideals, the result is anxiety.

Pray is an on-going relief to life’s pain. Blaming someone or something does nothing to help the essential problem.

137993176053255564_HVsSY8uk_cHere’s my theory: the religious fanatic is akin to the atheist. Both insist on having the answers to all of life’s questions. I, on the other hand, feel comfortable with the imperfections of life, with not having all the answers. I deal with them by prayer, not by finger-pointing.

And the result is peace.

35 responses to “Finger-pointing is not the answer

  1. At one time I felt like i had have an absolute answer to everything, then i realized there are places that the Bible is ambiguous, and i needed a bit of ambiguity of my own. Where God is unclear, it is ok for me to be so too.

    Good post bro –


  2. Your words perfectly echo my thoughts!

  3. This is one of the many reasons why I like your blog – you’re my first follower of the religious persuasion – I’m an astrology fan, but I am also very religious and believe in the power of words and the power of prayer. When you first followed my blog I said, “he gets it” – an open heart is an open mind. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  4. It’s foolhardy to believe you have all of life’s answers. God doesn’t give us everything at once. “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little.” It’s a journey of discovery. I agree with you completely.

    • When I first started pastoring, I thought I had to know all the answers. I acted like I knew it all. As I moved along, I realized the foolhardiness of this idea. I realized that trying to be “mature” was actually an immaturity.

      • I like that: trying to be mature. I think it comes back to pride. We think we know better than those around us, pride enters in and God sends us some humbling. Besides, I’m sure you’ve encountered this, the more you learn and gain answers to your questions, the more questions you realize there are.

  5. My son use to point his finger blaming me for him being in jail again. When I refused to accept his fingerpointing and responded with I Love You, he soon stopped pointing his finger. He is becoming a responsible son whom I think the world of and thank God for the changes in both of us. Prayer as well as meditating beneath a lovely waterfall can be very soothing. Thanks much for the post.

  6. Here here! There’s nothing like honesty. I applaud you and concur.

  7. You raise a very important point. Too many people are quick to make excuses and to blame others for their woes.

    I have often thought that it is in the imperfections around us where our real lessons lie. The answer seems it is always best not to fight it or dodge it, but embrace those “problems” that come. You never know what amazing thing will come out of it and growth is ensured.

    Going with the flow and not stressing over it is the way to go.

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

  8. “For we walk by faith and not by sight”

  9. I love the comparison between fanatics and Atheists. I used to be an Atheist and found it very difficult as a new Christian because there was less certainty than before. In the early days I spent a lot of time worrying about those Christians who were very certain. “How do they know?” Is something I asked a lot. I suppose for me they were the opposite of what I had been. I had been certain about things that didn’t need to be proved. They were certain about things that couldn’t be proved.

  10. Food 4 The Soul 93

    Great blog here! God is the answer, pure and simple. The world always wants a “Savior,” but never a “Master.” But to those who finally figure things out there are no feelings of a Master, just the love of a Savior!

    And in the end, they “win the prize” of eternal salvation!

    Keep the message going! Take care, Skip

  11. Well said – a good reminder that we won’t know all the answers, we’re must to trust and keep on moving forward.

  12. I remember thinking, when I was a little girl, that when I grew up I’d know the answers.
    But I do know God.

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