‘All authority’ includes finances

With Gary Case, missionary extraordinaire, when he was on a layover at LAX. He's now in Japan pioneering a church

With Gary Case, missionary extraordinaire, when he was on a layover at LAX. He’s now in Japan pioneering a church

When you spearhead a ministry, the devil will resist you even with the rent. As a missionary paying a mortgage with a small church, I prayed a lot for finances. I discovered reading the Bible some incredible verses to pray. Here’s one:

Pastor Ralph and Brenda Bowen planted three churches in Africa during 20 years.

Pastor Ralph and Brenda Bowen planted three churches in Africa during 20 years.

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me, resurrected Jesus said in Matt 28:18. Typically, we Christians think of His authority over demons, over sin, over sickness, etc. We forget that “all” includes finances. He has authority to send finances.

My purpose, unlike so many other American Christian pastors, is NOT for you to pray for luxury. It is for you to NOT quit ministry because finances are

fellowship after church

fellowship after church

scarce. Don’t close the doors to your church just because you’re on a shoe-string budget. Instead, keep performing fruitful ministry and simply pray for God’s provision.

It seems people in America get twisted about praying for finances. Some think God doesn’t attend such matters. Others think it’s wrong. (Well, yes, greed is sin.) But when you have lived the day-to-day anxiety of will-we-make-it?, then you understand how praying for finances brings more than just peace of mind. It brings answers.

24 responses to “‘All authority’ includes finances

  1. Awesome…thank you for that wonderful reminder. The Lord will provide, yet we do need to ask, eh?

  2. Good word – well said – The church over the years has messed up on both sides of the money problem. Good to know Jesus has authority over it.


  3. Thank you. Makes perfect sense πŸ™‚

  4. I really enjoyed this post. We are to pray fervently always giving thanks, and He will fulfill our needs, not always our desires, but our needs.

  5. Kings and Slaves

    Amen. Gods’ covenant with Abraham is still enforced today; it was fulfilled by Jesus and we who are in Christ are entitled to provision.

  6. Going on 32 years of independent, self-supporting (tent making) ministry in Japan, and I couldn’t agree more!

  7. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Too often we only hear about the big provisions like, “God gave our ministry a jet”, followed by a call to give a huge gift to the church. I’ve never received my jet, but God has always been faithful to provide.

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  9. Jackpot!
    My rapture already occurred.
    I love your focus.
    Very needed.
    Shift in knowing.
    God is all and all there is.
    But it will have to occur again.
    Jackpot is my every moment.
    You helped make this one amazing.
    Thank you.
    Obviously that includes God seeing as there is nothing else.
    : D

  10. A Very good reminder of the authority we have as children of God. At times we forget that the promises of God from the beginning still remains and nothing can change it. Thanks once again and remain bless.

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