Effective, substantial prayers

rocket19How do I pray effectively? Can prayers of the Bible teach me?

It can feel useless. But faith is a solider (more solid) base than what might you think. Now faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen — Heb. 11:1 KJV (caps mine).

The KJV’s word “substance” is hypostasis, which is translated elsewhere “confidence.” It’s a foundation,  a basis.  Words uttered with faith are not wispy sounds that disappear into thin air. Their sound waves may die, but their essence moves angels into action. God spoke, and the world was created. He made us in His image — with the ability to speak into existence things that are not.

Jesse Rentaria, of Hesperia, CA, was told his cancer wouldn't give him many more months of life. But today he is cancer-free.

Jesse Rentaria, of Hesperia, CA, was told his cancer wouldn’t give him many more months of life. But today he is cancer-free.

With the strident monotony of blah-blah-blah bombarding us continually from the television, the radio, the internet, we can forget that words CAN have meaning and impact. Don’t compare prayer to the media’s drivel.

Prayer activates — like the propulsion of a rocket launch. Prayer unlocks — like a password. Prayer smashes down strongholds, builds up Cities of God. It is quicker than a Google search, more effective than the U.S. military taking on North Korea. It moves unseen behind enemy lines and converts to Christianity its sworn enemies (like Paul).

The Bible says faith can move mountains. We have so many more metaphors today.

23 responses to “Effective, substantial prayers

  1. If you treat prayer more like a phone call and try and listen, for me at least, it seems I get a lot more out of it. Because I’ve tried to acknowledge God’s hand in all things, I feel like he’s sent me more. Gratitude plays into it a lot and seems to make the way to a closer relationship with God clearer.

    I’m grateful for your spreading God’s good word out there. Just interacted with a friend who was mocking a little, the beliefs of Christians. He can’t understand all we believe because he doesn’t have those spiritual eyes and ears. I figured the best I could do was tell him why I believe it. Arguing tends to bring a contentious spirit, and I doubt God can get into him that way. It seems like being an example of a true believer is our best option. Hopefully I’m planting seeds, even if I never see them grow.

  2. If we had but faith the size of a mustard seed we could say to this mountain, move – and it would…

  3. We should pray and believe in prayer. But we have to be careful to remember that things don’t always come about and we should not be discouraged. Prayer works in mysterious ways. It is true. Children die, good men and women die, things happen that are horrendous and unpredictable but God’s love will help us, not always will it change the outcome. Just have to add my 2 cents!

  4. A wise man once said: “Faith is obedience, then confidence.” Great post 🙂 Blessings!

  5. Love this- how you compared prayer to a rocket launch. The photo will seal it in my memory. Look out Satan, as our prayers for breakthroughs and for tearing down strongholds blast into heaven!

    • I am extremely happy to hear you’re inspired.
      So maybe I can ask you to pray for me. I am currently trying to find what God wants me to do, and the process is disconcerting. The blog is good, and I believe it is God’s will for me to do that. But I am not earning any money, and I feel bad. My wife is supporting the family with her engineering degree, and I am 1) teaching in our church’s high school in exchange for our kids’ tuition, and 2) hosting foreign students, which pays our rent. I have some business projects in the infancy stage. I was used to preaching regularly. Coming back to the mother church has been a bit difficult. Thanks for praying for me. yours, Mike

  6. “Strident monotony of blah-blah-blah.”

    You really have a way with words!

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  8. Foundation, substance, hypostasis. Your blog has hypostasis! It encouraged me. Thanks. Plus, I recently had cancer and it was good to see the pic of the guy who is cancer free.

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