Into my kids

Rarely do the authorities catch kidnappers.

Rarely do the authorities catch kidnappers.

Maybe I’ve gone vicarious. I’m really into my kids.

I’m into their soccer. I take them to practices ceaselessly. I film them make goals. Since I teach at my daughter’s high school, I try to have lunch with her. Almost everything is for them. They’re my #1.

A friend didn't like the extreme violence of the movie about Jesus' sacrifice. But I wondered WHAT did she think happened?

A friend didn’t like the extreme violence of the movie about Jesus’ sacrifice. But I wondered WHAT did she think happened?

Which is why I’m thunderstruck at what God did. He sent His Son to die for my sin.

Into My Kids 3

Trained in Guatemala, Robert has done well in America with soccer!

I sort of had the opportunity to do something similar. At the end of almost 16 years of ministry in Guatemala, we had a kidnapping threat. I hightailed it and headed for America.

Maybe, if I wouldn’t have had kids, I would have just thumbed my nose at the threats and continued to minister, trusting in God (recklessly?). But because the threat breached the unbreachable, the holiest sanctum of my life, my children, it was intolerable.

Into My Kids 2

Hosea, amid his teammates

God handed His only Son over to the horrible Roman kidnappers. Sometimes the Guatemalan kidnappers cut off a finger or tortured their victims to hurry up ransom payments. While that is frightening and nightmarish, it’s silly nonsense compared to the disfiguring whippings and bloody beatings which they subjected God’s Son to.

As I think about this right now, I’m NOT inspired to praise Him. I feel throttled, numbed by the shock of it. When I get over this, I’ll praise Him.

Into My Kids

At left, Rebekah is with her friends, Gia and Jackie

I guess if you’ve never had a kidnapping threat, it’s easy to make light of what God did. Maybe it’s easy to trample under foot His sacrifice. It’s not easy as a human being to be understanding of you as you mock God, hate Him and blame Him for God-knows-what reason. Maybe you need to go through something like this to understand what He did. He did it for you — and despite you not taking it into account in the slightest, He still L-O-V-E-S you. So I’m doing my best to love you too. Most Christians try to reflect His perfect love, and most Christians fall short. I hope you can understand: Only His love lacks in no area.

from WhoWillYouServe.blogspot

from WhoWillYouServe.blogspot

Having kids has definitely deepened my understanding of God. ย But what has really helped is my being unwilling to give up my kids to danger to be able to reach lost people. I love my kids too much to sacrifice them for others.

God loved you too much to hold back His Son.

32 responses to “Into my kids

  1. This is Powerful Pastor! Good word – it really brings it home. I can remember my dad saying once that he hated to study Gen. 22 where God asks Abraham to give his son, because it hit too close to home for him.

  2. I have thought a lot, and prayed a lot, about God’s sacrifice for us. Here’s what I know for me, and only me—can’t speak for everyone. I am no Messiah. I am a sinner. However, if God asked me to have done to me what was done to save any one of my seven kids, I would do it. So, when I try to comprehend how great His love is for me? I am totally blown away.

  3. offbeatonpurpose

    Glad you are safe. Verse comes to mind: I desire mercy and not sacrifice…on coming home to avoid a threat. Hosea 6:6

  4. Lesson to learn: stay in America, let the rest of the world burn and rot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i think we all have a breaking point

  6. What a story! What a Savior!

  7. A very down to earth message, all the while having unbounded love and trust in God. Thank you!

  8. A very thought provoking read. I too, am into my kids and you gave me reason to praise God for them, but also reason to give thanks to God that He was willing to surrender his son so we might have life.

  9. noordinaryjoy61

    Powerful post and perspective. Amen.

  10. Your writing is so phenomenal. Wow Paparazzi. Aren’t we glad God isn’t only in America! I know He has been protecting my precious baby girl as she shares His grace, love, and plan of salvation to a Muslim country. Yep, He’s even in Muslim countries.

    • I wish I were in a Muslim nation… but God has me here.. and I don’t know why… but here I am trying to serve Him in the mother church, the sending church. Thanks for your uplifting words; they are so ecnouraging. I will pray for her (what was her name?). God bless.

  11. Thank you for that. I was struck by what your friend did think happened to Yahshua. Most people never think much about what is going to happen to them after death, do they? It reminded me of a gentleman I once nursed after he had an operation. I had to get him up in the middle of the night to urinate in a bottle. He had trouble, and said, “I never thought it was like this (in hospital).” I asked him what he DID think it was like. He answered, ” I never thought about it.”

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  13. “God loved you too much to hold back His Son.”


  14. There is another young son and his family who needs our prayers. Please visit and say a few prayers today for Treyden and his suffering parents.

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