Plodder’s prayer

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From It's a Beautiful World on Tumblr

From It’s a Beautiful World on Tumblr

I’ve long lamented being a plodder: lack of panache, short on genius, without the glut of talent and personality that some people have.

From Grandmas Dreams

From Grandmas Dreams

Last night I learned the plodder wins the day. The IQ-overflow, overconfident swashbuckler doesn’t want to work. He expects everybody to do everything for him just because their enthralled with his personality. Persistent Igor blindsides him. Whoop!

The plodder goes to prayer. He patiently, persistently, perseveringly goes to God, day after day, not making “vain repetitions,” but continually assailing the throne with desperate needs until the glorious answer materializes. If you’re slogging through the mud, rejoice! The answers coming!

tumblr_m6y94ugees1qgk0bho1_500Everybody loves the heroic moment: David downs Goliath, Elijah makes fire from Heaven, Moses opens the Red Sea. The special effects are exciting. But we must realize that hours, days, weeks, months and years of prayer go into the making of that moment.

While the disciples slept, Jesus prayed. (While Jesus slept, the disciples fretted.)

17 responses to “Plodder’s prayer

  1. I strongly agree with the sentiment, from personal experience as well as Scripture. I would recommend that you be a little more careful about typos of all sorts. (Did you leave out “I” in the first sentence of the second paragraph?) Anyway, keep the insights coming!

  2. Great post! By the way, the pictures are so much brighter since I took that 2×4 out of my eye. LOL

  3. i really needed this! It came at a time of peak necessity…Our Lord does not have a clock, a calendar…This David is overwhelmed by time…Tenacity, untempered by peace, is a curse…It becomes a gift when reined in by stillness…Dave saailer Burbee

  4. Great! Now I know what to call myself- a plodder. Thanks for showing how that is a good thing!

  5. Great job! This is so inspiring! Thank you for posting it 🙂

  6. Awesome! You are always so inspiring- God bless you and thanks so much for the encouragement~

  7. Thought I would share this with you today

  8. I want to be a plodder, thanks for the post.

    • Um, I don’t think I plotted to be a plodder (excuse pun). But on my way to being a genius, I realized I wasn’t. So I tried to content myself with being a plodder. Eventually, I saw in my own life how the turtle beat the hare.

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