Believe in the guy who’s in a slump

b70f797787e9e3cee502ad5cd0077454Better than throwing salt on his wounds, better than mocking him, better than washing your hands of him, better than saying “He had it coming,” express confidence to the person who’s floundering. It will lift him out of his funk.

Believe in someoneSir Alex Ferguson believed in Wayne Rooney. The Manchester United forward had gone 9 months without a goal. Pundits were sharpening their knives: wash-out, has-been, flash-in-the-pan. Coach Ferguson, who’s had an extraordinary knack for winning teams, kept believing in Rooney until the mercurial players found his winning ways again — with a overhead backwards kick that left the world gaping and shut up critics.

Believe in Someone

from Ben Rogers blog

Believe in someone.

You may “win” the rat race, but you’re still only a rat. You may get to the top of the crab pile, but you’re still only a crab. If you help someone out, you’ve made a friend for life. And that is worth more than pounding your chest and shouting the tired I’m-the-best rant.

It’s what Jesus did. While everybody hated the odious, turncoat tax-collector Zacheus, Jesus dressed him with dignity, sharing a cappuccino with him. While accusers had stones in hand ready to hurl at the adulterous woman, Jesus defended her and didn’t accuse her. He touched the leper, ate with prostitutes, hung out with drunkards. Jesus was really into the business of accepting people.

261892_520929111299325_1611898260_nGive love freely. Expect nothing in return.

Give and don’t stop giving. And though you may be the most unloved person on the planet, if you give love freely, you will find 10,000 people at your funeral wanting to honor your memory.

58 responses to “Believe in the guy who’s in a slump

  1. Such a lovely thought!

  2. Everyone should care about others and treat people how they would want to be treated. It would make the world a much better place.

  3. I love this, as a Rooney follower and Christian.
    I’m also a Justin Upton fan and constantly shake my head at how many critics focus on his strike outs and that he has the potential to hit 40hr’s but hasn’t. He has had good years since going pro at 17, tons of good can be said about him but some focus on the negative…
    Staying positive is the way to go… Just like King David, when he focused on God: GIANTS FELL…
    I Believe In You, are powerful words
    p.s. sorry to get slightly off topic, great post

    • Praise God! Thanks for the cheery response! I must confess, however, that I have no idea who Justin Upton is. I became a soccer fan in Guatemala. Previously, I was only a nerd and a fan of no sport. But as a missionary, I needed some stress relief, and since there were three options (1. soccer, 2. soccer, 3. soccer), naturally I selected the second one. At first I didn’t know anything, but the members of the church patiently showed me and explained to me. Now I’m a big Barcelona fan! I always get enthusiastic when I meet up with other soccer fans over the blog!

      • That is awesome, I too get excited to know other soccer fans. I actually am a pretty big follower of a few sports, baseball, hockey, soccer, cycling and my favorite women’s college lacrosse. Upton is a young baseball player.
        Your posts are so uplifting, spreading the love of our Lord. Thank you,

  4. So love this. I intellectually know that someone believing in me lifts me higher. I just need to take that knowledge and use it in service of others. Thank you!

  5. yourothermotherhere

    “Give love freely. Expect nothing in return.”


  6. VictoriaJoDean

    Beautifully said – this is what my father did and after he died, people I had never met told me what a wonderful man he was. And he was. He loved God and he believed God could make a difference for everyone. He was my greatest supporter and showed me what a great Heavenly Father we have.

  7. Mr Mustard Seed: The pictures are arresting, the blog great, but the Jesus part is always the best. JM of SM

  8. Beautifully said. The world would be a better place if people lived this way more consistently, me included.

  9. Yes, Jesus loved the adulteress woman. He loved the maniac of Gadara. He even loves me. No one was the same after He shared His love. “Never a man spake like this man.” Never a man loved like this man. Good post!

  10. …”Give and don’t stop giving”… these words are much needed! Thank you

  11. Who’s planning on dying? Not me!

  12. Blessings,
    Well said my friend. To give freely without motive of anything in return. God is the greatest example of this. God gave us life freely, yet He doesn’t expect anything in return. He wants us to love Him of our own free will and He waits patiently til that day. Many blessings to you and yours.

  13. It is how Jesus wants us to love–freely with no reservations and no judging. πŸ˜€ I love this post! I really love this post! πŸ˜€ Take care and be blessed! πŸ™‚

  14. Wow, that is an awesome post! I have a question though, my struggle is with a person who has deceived one of my children and myself. A person who claims to be a Christian was covertly and intentionally sinful. I have sought proper channels for this situation and unfortunately the solution I prayed for, did not happen. I used to believe in this person, now I don’t. The desire I have most is for vengeance but that’s not something I can give though my flesh desires it greatly. Thoughts?

  15. Much needed quote for me today1 -Give love freely. Expect nothing in return. Maybe one day I’ll learn it! Thanks!

  16. amen a thousand times over!

  17. I’m nominating your blog for
    The encouragements here help so much.

  18. awesome post and love the quote in it…beautiful pic dear..thanks a lot for sharing πŸ™‚

  19. great lesson..and I love the pics here

  20. good advice….whether it is sports, or a job, or an education or career choice, we should never give up, and keep trying.

  21. This was inspiring and timely!

  22. This is a wonderful post, and very encouraging.

  23. “To learn from the Heart of Jesus the secret of love for others and deep knowledge of them: how to touch their wounds without making them sting, and how to dress them without reopening them; to give myself to them and yet maintain my privacy. To disclose truth in its entirety and yet to make it known according to the degree of light that each can bear. The knowledge needed for this ministry only comes from Jesus Christ, by encountering Him in the Eucharist and in prayer.”
    Elizabeth Leseur, a French laywoman whose cause for canonization is underway.

  24. I am always blessed by your posts. I pray your Sunday is awesome.

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