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my family, 3 years ago

my family, 3 years ago

A mother prays for her Muslim son-in-law, and he gets saved. A man prays and gets healed of cancer. A church grows in membership and finances and becomes a church-planting church. Why do some people seem to have prevailing prayers?

keystoprayerJPGI don’t believe God has favorites. Nor do I think they’re holier than the rest of us humble folk. God is moved — the New Testament says emphatically — by faith. No one is righteous, it also says emphatically. So what up?

Here’s the scoop. YOU can up your answer percentage — just like them. People who pray successfully — we call them prevailing prayers — all tend to find their success in certain factors:

  • Quality (and to some extent, quantity) time with God.
  • Growing faith through:
  1. Tracking track record of positive results.
  2. Fortifying your heart with ongoing Bible reading, church attendance, praise and testimonies.
  • Persistence. People who prevail in prayer persevere because they believe more in God than in “reality.” They don’t give up ever. When things take a turn for the worst, they don’t hang the prayer shawl; they dig in and intensify the attack.
My daughter on our marching band outreach team more than 3 years ago

My daughter on our marching band outreach team more than 3 years ago

That’s about it. You can massage and adjust certain factors, BUT THERE’S NO MAGIC to it, there’s no “spiritual secret.” You don’t have to buy a best seller written by some slick preacher hyping elusive “keys” to prayer.

24 responses to “Prevailing prayer

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Oh, this is a very nice article!

  2. kimberlyharding


  3. have you read “The Circle Maker”? It’s a fantastic book about prayer.

  4. Sometimes we need to be reminded that it “us” that make things a lot more complicated then it has to be. Just simply pray with perseverance…without ceasing. I feel convicted of that at times! Oh, BTW…if you wrote a book I’m sure it would be a “Best Seller” and I would buy it too! 🙂

  5. Prayer is so important! And, you are the recipient of a great, no-strings attached award! 🙂…tabulous-award/

  6. This is the “just Pray” equivalent to the “just write” I use on my blog all the time. Solid advice for closer relationship with our maker. Love it!

  7. VictoriaJoDean

    It’s all about knowing God, isn’t it? He wants to pour love and grace on us and too often, we’re closed off. Prayer opens that door!

  8. Thank you for the encouragement– I have prayers for people in my dear family that have been ongoing for years. I’m trying to have trust, hope in God’s good answer some day. (and I loved the pictures of your family…)

  9. It’s a spiritual discipline, isn’t it?

  10. Thanks for the “secret” in prayers. time to work on quality and persistency on my part 😀

  11. The fight of faith is exactly what it is…a fight to believe that He who promised is faithful, because He has spoken and cannot lie. Thanks for liking my poem and keep up the good work.

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