If it’s over, where’s the elation?

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imagesBarcelona won the 2012-13 Spanish league when it wasn’t even playing. It’s nearest competitor, Real Madrid, tied, and, with only  a few games left in the season, no one can reach Barca’s points.

images-1Winning by NOT playing (when your rival ties) is a very undramatic way to seize a crown. But that’s the way the European leagues work: no flourish of playoffs. It’s boring mathematics: whoever has the most points, wins. Now whatever FCB does — even it loses every game 0-20 — it cannot lose the league.

images-2Despite being an avid fan, I’m disappointed. Where’s the flush of excitement of a memorable finale? Where’s the high fives in front of the big screen with pizza with my buddy Adan? In the essence of anti-climax, I read it on Yahoo soccer news. It was over, and I wasn’t even watching the game to relish it (why would I? It wasn’t even my team’s game).

images-3Instead of seeming happy, it’s a let-down. No more tension as a rival threatens a comeback. No more discussing injuries and speculating who will cover what position. No more guessing outcomes, despairing over setbacks.

images-4Christianity is like this: it’s over. Christ won — a long time ago, at the cross. What remains is an unavoidable and boring march towards victory. We can lose the excitement of God’s crushing championship, but we should never forget that He has won. The fact that secularists appear to be winning our nation is much like Iran’s president denying the Holocaust: ludicrous brouhaha.

Go to prayer today with:

  • the sensation of the thrill of victory
  • certainty of the positive outcome for your petitions
  • persistence in securing wins (Barca still wins games, even though they can’t lose the championship losing games). Show our stuff!

11 responses to “If it’s over, where’s the elation?

  1. I needed these words… It’s what my spirit has been telling me all week long… “Christ already won!” No matter how ugly you think it can get, make sure the situation meet you at God’s side… great comparison with soccers…lol …God bless you sir

  2. Thank you for prompting me to say a simple prayer to God thanking him for accomplishing the biggest victory we could ever be given! High 5 Jesus!

  3. Have been reading through Daniel this week and was struck with this same sensation at Chapter 11. God already knows all that will happen. He is already at the end of it. Victory is won despite these ugly times. Thanks for confirming His message!

  4. Interesting comparison. But our individual battles are still exciting. Thanks for liking my Life Testimony Parts One – Five, and my Alphabet List of Qualities.
    🙂 Fiona

  5. Perhaps it could be said that we will loose some battle but win the war nonetheless 🙂

  6. The only difference is the enemy plays on the ignorance of believers because you can’t access the victory unless you know you have victory. We need to constantly be on our guard and watch

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