Mimi’s miracles

Mimi, always so vibrant and full of life, at left, with her mother and older sister.

Mimi, always so vibrant and full of life, at left, with her mother and older sister.

Because Mimi was born with two spinal cords, her parents came from the countryside to Guatemala City for successive surgeries. First doctors saved her life. Then they helped her to walk. Eventually she gained control of her bladder. She would have been identical twins but the zygote only partially split.

Pastor Ludving leads the church and school heroically, at great personal sacrifice.

Pastor Ludving leads the church and school heroically, at great personal sacrifice.

Ludving and Nelly wound up attending my church. Ludving was about to buy some alcohol to drown sorrows when he heard the praise music and came in. He didn’t get saved. He had already accepted Jesus. The worship exhilarated and lifted him out of despair. They came to the church.

The Door Church in Guatemala City

The Door Church in Guatemala City

When he decided to do something, Ludving never did it half-way. Right decision after right decision led the couple to hosting, then pastoring, a pioneer church. When thugs chased me off, the Holy Spirit pointed to him as the man to take over.

Pastor Ludving with Mario Artiga

Pastor Ludving with Mario Artiga

To my way of thinking, Mimi should be gloriously and completely healed by now. She is not. On Thursday, she is submitting to her umpteenth surgery, this time to correct kidney failure (she has four kidneys, but only one completely developed and only one works). Urine backflow from her bladder is poisoning her one good kidney.

Faith is not always a snap-of-the-fingers miracle. Faith is grinding out the healing over the long haul. I like the instantaneous variety. But not everything is quick like a fire-cracker. Mimi’s miracles have drawn out inexorably for 16 years, her age. The battle is raging dragging on, and the faithful keep mustering faith.

Ludving and Nelly

Ludving and Nelly

It’s pointless to ask why. Blaming God like an atheist solves nothing (although I suppose he feels high and mightily justified in his bitterness). That’s not what we want. We want final and complete healing for this precious girl.

Mimi is a spunky girl. Despondency affects her parents, her sister, me — but not her. Thanks for helping us pray for her. Let me know how I can help you pray for your needs.


29 responses to “Mimi’s miracles

  1. yourothermotherhere

    I agree with you and all those who are lifting their hands in prayer for Mimi.

  2. Mimi seems to be a strong woman, and I am sure God is helping her to deal with it all. She is in my prayers!

  3. Beautiful story of a young woman’s faithfulness in adversity and the love of others shining through. May she be touched by His healing hands mightily. To God be the glory. Love the line “Faith is grinding out the healing over the long haul.”

  4. No experience is wasted in our faith walk and I pray that the good work He has started in them, He will complete. I stand in agreement with you and her precious family for wholeness and health for Mimi. Thanks for your sweet offer to pray for our needs…your many likes on my blog is one already prayed and answered. Your story is lifting up Mimi…a sweet smelling savor to the Lord.

  5. Prayers are being lifted..

  6. I do pray for Mimi, and I praise God for the testimony that is going out because of her. May she, her family, and all who love them be comforted and encouraged by the Holy Spirit as God’s will is worked out on His schedule for His glory.

  7. wonderful ! BEAUTIFUL narrative and testimony !

  8. I lift Mimi up in prayer declaring her victory in Christ Jesus, for she has overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of her testimony, Hallelujah… Amen

  9. I want to let you know that I nominated your blog for the “Super Sweet Blogger Award”! Thanks for having such a nice site. I truly enjoy it. Congratulation.Please go to my page and see your award.

  10. I was reminded of this scripture reading about Mimi. Eccl.9:10
    “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;…” What a testimony! Count us in to pray daily for Mimi and her family.

  11. May God bless you for taking Mimi under your wing. Prayer: Dear LORD. Thank you for Mustard Seed Budget. May their mustard seed grow into a tree of ministry far beyond their expectations. I lift up your precious child Mimi and pray that you will heal her completely so that Your Name may be praised and magnified. Glorify Your name in all the earth. Praise you for granting us salvation through Christ. In Jesus name. Amen.

  12. What a great story. Thanks.

  13. Such wonderful real life uplifting stories! Thanks for giving us all ‘food for thought’ and where to direct our prayers!

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