A fatal flaw for the Phalanx

  • How to pray?
  • Bible prayers.
  • Use of prayer.

300px-Phalanx_CIWS_test_fire_-_081107-N-5416W-003Perched on a warship’s side, the U.S. Navy’s potent anti-missile Gatling gun Phalanx CIWS spews out 3,000 armor-piercing tungsten 20mm rounds per minute that down rockets flying at Mach 3 straight towards a ship. Guided by radar and computerized systems, the Phalanx bullets blunt incoming attacks.

DownloadedFileBut when an Argentine warplane fired an Exocet missile against a British warship in the 1982 Falkland War, the powerful Phalanx failed, and the HMS Sheffield was struck and sunk.

What was the “design flaw” of the Phalanx?

In order to work, it had to be turned on.

DownloadedFile-1The Brits, staging a reconquest of the disputed Southern Hemisphere island, had failed to turn on the Phalanx, and consequently the Phalanx failed to defend the ship. It was left on “standby.”

So too, prayer, in order to work effectively, must be turned on. It must be used. We must pray for it to work. Too many Christians leave prayer on “standby” only. And when incoming missiles head towards us at Mach 3, we don’t have time to react.

Prayer is meant to be used, not ignored.

18 responses to “A fatal flaw for the Phalanx

  1. Ahhh brilliant comparison! πŸ™‚

  2. Ah great point love not mans weapon but God’s love.

  3. Great post! :0)

  4. Such a great analogy! Going to make sure my “Phalanx” is turned on!!!

  5. we really do take too little heed to being more prayerful.

  6. you deliver again another great post on prayer…
    7 days without it makes one weak. But when prayer is activated, it avails much… james 5:16

  7. I always LOVED the sound of them firing!!! Great idea and relation of the two πŸ™‚

  8. VictoriaJoDean

    Great reminder to be always at the ready, which means practicing our faith and growing in it so that we’re ready for the incoming missiles.

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