How to pray?


What will it take to get us to pray? Do we need a crisis to remember God?

(Thanks for the original artwork to the Pure Savagery blog!)

17 responses to “How to pray?

  1. It is truly sad to pray only when we are in a difficult situation. The Apostle Paul tells us to pray unceasingly. We tend to think that pray is only bringing our needs or the needs of others before God, but prayer is also being thankful and raising prayers of thanksgiving, praise to Him. It is a form of constant communication with Him, just like we want, need and enjoy communicating with others, that is what we should do with our Lord.

  2. My motto this week is ‘pray without ceasing and without season’ 🙂

  3. If you only call home in need, you will always be in need…. Just sayin

  4. Funny but has truth to it…

  5. Unfortuately but yet fortunate some do need a crisis to remember God. It took a crisis to wake me up, I will never forget what God has done for me.

  6. Very true – often, it is very hard to pray.

  7. we do not have grace because we pray, we have grace that’s why we pray! Ask for grace!!!

  8. Reblogged this on Jojominds and commented:
    Prayer is an object of worship. You don’t need a crisis to pray. Remember to thank God in every detail that happens in your life. God wants us to come to Him even in times when all goes well.

  9. Very true, we forget too often to thank him for the great things in life he gives us. For being healthy, for our daily food, for the love I get and can give!

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