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  1. How do I pray?
  2. Prayers from the Bible
Unfulfilled expectations lead to frustration

Unfulfilled expectations lead to frustration

This is my wife. Do you remember you prayed for me last June to get married? We got married in August.

I wish ALL of my prayers got answered so quickly. I wish prayer were always so highly effective. This guy recognized me at Bible conference and asked me to pray. I didn’t even know him. He knew me because he had seen my picture in the testimonial reports magazine from previous years.

20120215-073644The vast majority of prayers are answered only after a looooooong time. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months, often years, sometimes decades. Failure to understand the nature of prayer accounts for:

  • Christians not praying (they see it as a waste of time because they expect instantaneous results)
  • Backsliders turning away from God (why didn’t God answer my prayer? Maybe you gave up too soon)
  • AtheistsΒ  denying the existence of God.
Yeah, when we get bored we take the bear out to play on the trampoline, and you? (Photo thanks to Andy Duann)

Yeah, when we get bored we take the bear out to play on the trampoline, and you? (Photo thanks to Andy Duann)

Sometimes, God flatly denies our petition (and we don’t know why). Other times, we just give up too soon. Occasionally, there’s an instantaneous answer.

Why do we understand intuitively:

  • Schooling takes time and perseverance
  • Athletic training takes time and perseverance
  • Making a marriage work takes time and effort
  • Anything good and worthwhile is a long uphill battle

but when it comes to pray, we assume it must be instantaneous?





32 responses to “Instantaneous answers

  1. The picture of the cat is hilarious. The message is great too!

  2. Wow, that is so true! Our pastor says that God isn’t like a vending machine although we want Him to be! I’m guilty of that sometimes. I love the pictures you use!

  3. True true true…sometimes I have even thought my praywr wasn’t answered but it was just in a totally different way than I expected. Great post!

  4. Excellent point, and one I have experienced throughout my life.

  5. God’s timing in all things! ( Thanks for the message)
    I remember thanking God for saying no to things that I asked for many years later. He is already at the finish line..I can never forget that!

  6. I think also, God can’t answer a prayer in our life until we have learned a lesson. Instant gratification teaches us very little, but if we have to work towards something (or grow into something), we appreciate it so much more. The request to God maybe something that is extremely good for us, we just aren’t ready to receive it yet. But He will bless us at the right time! πŸ™‚

  7. We need to accept God’s timing, as you say all things take time. And also sometimes we pray for things which are not important and then we forget about it. God knows what is important and does the right thing. We need to trust him!

  8. BTW, the pics really made me smile πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Great post. I really need to have patience with when or in which way my prayers will be answered. I have noticed a great sense of calmness when I actually do let go and trust God about my prayers.
    By the way, thanks for liking my blog.

  10. Patience is a great thing we should alwayspray for God to give us. Thanks for the post.

  11. My husband loves the bear on the trampoline. He has a video clip of it on his computer that he plays again and again. I guess that was an instantaneous result for the cops πŸ™‚

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