Hearing God: How to pray?

How to pray? Bible prayers.

How to pray?People think prayer is talking. It is also listening. Don’t be surprised if God talks back to you. After all, communication, if it is to be communication, is a two-way street.

Three times, young Samuel went to the Priest Eli because the elder called. Three times, Eli told Sammy to go back to bed. He hadn’t called. Then, Eli understood: It was God calling Samuel. This was the beginning of ministry for Samuel. He hadn’t recognized the voice of God because he was unaccustomed (1 Samuel 3).

How to pray? at Bible conference

At Bible conference in Tucson.

Our church just finished a 40 day fast. We didn’t fast all food. We fasted something. Some fasted Facebook. I fasted sugar.

The incredible thing was God spoke. He told to start afresh. He told me to clean the slate. Through the 40 days, He restored relationship with some people in the church. I’m glowing with elation. I want to keep fasting sugar, and keep hearing from God. It has been a time of restoration.

how to pray? breakfast

Breakfast before the Bible conference.

How to pray? When was the last time you heard from God (or maybe never)? Believe it or not, God is actually wanting to talk to you. Can you take a break from the electronic devices long enough to listen?

How to recognize the voice of God?

  • Don’t expect a booming voice.
  • It will never contradict scripture.
  • It will never authorize your sin.
  • It will probably come straight from scripture.
  • The effect will be to align you with His will.
  • God doesn’t foretell the future. He tells you to trust and what to do.

So the next time you bend the knee, slow down the “blah blah blah” for a moment and tune in your ear. How to pray? Happy listening!

46 responses to “Hearing God: How to pray?

  1. Dear Mike,
    I really impressed. Thank you for sharing this great article.

  2. Wow do I love this. Thank you

  3. Great post!! God Bless!! As you keep listening!!

  4. sharing in my facebook for the kids

  5. These are great reminders to listen more! We never know what God may want to tell us.

  6. I’m trying to shut out the noise so i can listen to God or perhaps if i listen first, the noise will die down? Trying, praying, listening… Thank you Pastor Ashcraft! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. hisnamebpraised

    Great advice sir. What is put into our heart that praises Him will lead us to true contentment. Thank you for stopping by hisnamebpraised and liking the post. Continued prayers for blessings for you, your ministry and all who are fortunate to come into contact with you. Take care, Doug

  8. The first time I ever heard God in what was practically an audible voice, He told me to shut up! I have been “pounding on heaven’s door” so hard I couldn’t hear what He was trying to say to me.

  9. Great post. Moving away from something we enjoy and turning focus on the Lord always ends up in a new, or different awareness of God-in-us. En Theos, enthusiasm. Enjoy your posts, thanks.

  10. Fasting sugar? That’s a hard one! I haven’t fasted any time recently, thanks for the idea of the sugar one

  11. LoL @ ” slow down the โ€œblah blah blahโ€ ” Beatiful… i’m motivated to try a different type of fasting other than food!

  12. You are always so encouraging!

  13. prayingforoneday

    If you do NOT accept award, PLEASE pass this on to a friend.
    I would ask you accept this Award and Song:
    “The Shine on Award”

    Kindest Regards.
    More love, Less Hate

  14. Thank you for this gentle reminder and encouragement. I have to admit that often I get frustrated because I don’t feel that God is speaking to my heart but you have reminded me that it is hard to hear him when I am so distracted by the other noises in my life. I think I need to consider fasting from some of this…

  15. noordinaryjoy61

    Awesome post! So practical and relevant. Thank you!!

  16. It will never contradict scripture. How often, in my work, people tell me that God gave them peace about something this is clearly against His Word. So important that we know not what we FEEL, but what is TRUTH.

  17. I liked this , thank you and you are so right.

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