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pic per anders lundin

pic per anders lundin

Your most spiritual moment is when you confess your sins to God.

When you achieve virtual sinlessness, you can fall in pride. But when you are broken with having failed God, in that moment your closer to God than ever.

How do I pray? If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness — 1 John 1:9 NIV. Notice that the verse does NOT say that WE are faithful. To the contrary, we are sometimes quite faithless. At that moment, only God is faithful. And He is faithful to His love for us. If our sin displeases him, our confession and repentance is His special delight.

pic per Andrew Doz Photography

pic per Andrew Doz Photography

This is good news for those of us who walk with our feet on the ground. The more you sin, the more grace abounds (disclaimer: no permission to sin.) But where sin increased, grace increased all the more. — Rom. 5:20 NIV. Forgiveness is not just the start of salvation; it is a continuing reality of Christianity.

How do I pray? Prayer should not be only making requests. It is also restoring relationship with God. After we renew right relationship, then we petition God.

25 responses to “How do I pray? Confession

  1. Although I am not a Christian per say…I do believe in God as a higher source and firmly believe in the power of praying , because each and everyone of us have a higher power given to us and within us that when it comes together especially as a group that power within can move the greatest altitude mountains…

  2. Really good point – it says He is faithful – it does not say if we are faithful he will forgive, but we simply need to confess and leave the faithful part to Him. Great Word Pastor Ashcraft!

  3. You stopped by to read my post on the Wrath of God, I would love to know what you thought of it

  4. As I read this I was thinking about marriage and saw a correlation. Sometimes I or my spouse will mess up and we both know it yet neither of us says anything about it….the offense becomes sort of a quiet elephant in the room that neither wants to bring up but we hope with time it will sort of fade away. Sometimes this approach seems to work but invariably it ends up coming out in the open somewhere down the road.

    I think we do that with God at times too. We come to Him in prayer and though we are aware in the back of our mind of things that really need to be said we breeze by and talk about daily stuff with Him that doesn’t quite touch on how we screwed up…leaving a kind of elephant in the prayer room. Our prayers turn into a surface-talk prayer about anything and everything but what is important until either enough time goes by and we completely forget about our offense or God brings it up and we can’t avoid it. I think the tendency for our prayers to become trite in such times is exactly why as you said, when we confess, our sense of closeness to God is felt the most profoundly.

  5. But where sin abounded, the grace of God doth much more abound! Amen! There isn’t a cesspool of sin so vile, or a night so dark that God’s grace can’t reach into them and ABOUND.


  6. Beautiful truth…”Your most spiritual moment is when you confess your sins to God.” What a good reminder

  7. Great post. Prayer is the most difficult of Christian practice, but the most rewarding. Thanks

  8. The reason why we pray is that we just can’t help it.Haha.Jesus is our very best friend,We shouldn’t let a day pass without talking to Him.Great post Sir!

  9. Gorgeous photo and very instrutive post. Thank you.

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