Never futile: Prayers from the Bible

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How to pray?Jonathan decided to attack the Philistines with only his armor-bearer. Surely, it was folly for one man to attack an entire army alone. I supposed he got bored sitting around doing nothing. He wanted to do something. And his Biblical reasoning worked better than his realistic thinking: The Lord can save with many or with few — 1 Sam. 14:6.

How to pray?

Prayer is an easier investment than getting into your car.

He realized that God is God. The supernatural outflanks the natural, no matter what Westpoint graduates might tell us.

Too often Christians formulate explanations for why prayer doesn’t work. They say things like: Well, you must be holy. (Who is holy but God?) Nix the explanations and keep praying. Don’t look for reasons why prayer seems ineffective. Most of the time, we just need to keep praying and not give up.

Prayer is never futile. Jonathan smote 20 Philistines and sparked panic among the enemies. The rest of Christianitythe Israelite army rushed in to finish off the job. Who would have thought that one man could vanquish an entire army? Who thinks that one man praying can change the course of history?

Be that man. Or woman. Or youth. Or child.

Prayer is never futile. Prayers from the Bible work. How to pray? Believe it’s never ineffective.

19 responses to “Never futile: Prayers from the Bible

  1. Great message! I love that story of Jonathan and his armor bearer – almost comical it is so daring and bold.

  2. Loved this! Thank you for encouraging us to keep praying! God bless!

  3. Reblogged @angchronicles

  4. When I am faced with indecision or fear, I will remember this. Very well said! Even as I consider myself a ‘Caleb’, “Give me this mountain!” sometimes that old devil can cause a little trepidation when beginning a new spiritual project, (my seminar series). Thank you for your continued inspiration. Blessings,

  5. Counsel4Living

    Good stuff… Encouraging

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  7. noordinaryjoy61

    I’m always inspired by your posts. And challenged. Thank you!!

  8. I am still seeing the results of my great-grandmother’s prayers and she has been dead for almost three decades.

  9. O.T. prayers of Nehemiah, Daniel, and especially Jehoshaphat are such powerful guides to praying from brokenness and desperation. I love the prayers in scripture. Sitting in an AA meeting early in recovery, I thought if you didn’t pray in Jesus name…don’t bother. I heard broken people say that they said to God, “God keep me sober today”…and He did. Simple words from broken people are answered without my “rules.” You are correct, no prayer to Him are futile. Thanks for the post!

  10. I will keep that in mind, “prayer is never futile”. Amen and Thank you 🙂

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