Praying for finances: Don’t panic

  • Praying for finances
Guatemala Christian school

Pastor Banner now teaches in our school, el Liceo Bilingue La Puerta

Money is a problem for most of us. If I had just a little bit more…

We always need just a little bit more. It seems like “just scraping by” is normal. We don’t know how we make it. Having lack of money is good because it keeps you praying.

  • George Mueller prayed for his orphans to have milk and bread daily, and the miracles came daily. He prayed for the furnace to be repaired in the dead of winter.
  • Hudson Taylor received miraculous money for the China Inland Mission time after time.
  • Elijah was fed by a raven after 3 years of drought.
  • Jesus multiplied bread and fish to feed the hungry multitude.
  • To pay a temple tax, Peter caught a fish and found a gold coin in its mouth.
Praying for finances

Miss Jeannette with her class at the private school God raised up in Guatemala. God did miracles of finances.

The list is endless, inside and outside of the Bible. We can encourage faith in our hearts by remembering what God has done.

I reversed my life. Most people do what they want when they retire after working for years. Now, after 16 years of doing what I wanted (missionary in Guatemala), I’m getting into the work scenario. Maybe that’s a good way to do it: do what you enjoy while you’re young.

Praying for finances: Don't panic

My wife, Dianna, and I at the recent July 4 parade.

And I’m praying for finances. Though I don’t have much, I have the great satisfaction that my life has counted for something. A church and a school are alive and well in Guatemala today because I answered the call to go.

Whatever your situation, don’t be depressed about finances. Keep working and praying. God will provide.

42 responses to “Praying for finances: Don’t panic

  1. I love the way you write about prayer and finances in a way that makes sense and clearly demonstrates God’s faithfulness to his children! God always provides everything we need and already knows what we need before we ask.

  2. I had the “pleasure” of working for two of the richest men in the country, neither one had the peace or joy that Christ brought to me and sadly each one did what was right in his own eyes. I pray they searched for that joy but only God can change a heart and money was their ruler at the time. I’d rather call you a friend than them. Blessings,

  3. Is it alright to pray for ourselves? Or is it selfish? My fiancee believes it is and does not pray for himself but prays for others…I however incorporate stuff for ourselves into our prayers…such as relieving me from my back pain enough for me to be able to sleep a few hours at night, pray for him to have a restful night so he can work well tomorrow, praying for our sick friends, anyone ekse who needs lifted up in prayers, etc… 🙂

    • I think it’s only selfish if one makes it selfish. God is our father, so why wouldn’t we talk to him about our own needs. Doesn’t the Lord’s prayer include a plea to give us our daily bread? It doesn’t sound like you’re being selfish to me.

      • I think people turn their backs on God when they have all the money they need because they cannot serve two masters…and greed takes over, vanity, materialism, etc. Those things do not align with God and lead us away from God…
        Thank you for answering my question. I believe selfish prayer becomes when you ask for materialistic things such as actual money, a specific item, etc…stuff like that…

        • It’s all to do with intent, don’t you think? I think you can pray to find better jobs because you have people you need to take care of, but if it’s solely to be rich, like you said, selfish. I think what makes it easiest for me is to always add that “thy will be done” attitude to each prayer. A sort of: here’s how I think this problem can be solved, but if you have a better way, that’s the way I want.

    • Serenity, my respect for your fiance is such that I wouldn’t wish to contradict him. How are you doing? I will pray for your back pain.

  4. I don’t know why it is, but when we have all the money we need most of us tend to turn our backs on God. Why would we need God when our life is going so well–I’m sure we justify. I think that’s why life is so hard sometimes, because otherwise we’d get lost in the dark if we weren’t reminded so often how much we need the light.

  5. Thank you – can’t tell you how timely this is!

  6. we as a large family have experienced multiplication of heating oil and wood, without even asking Him

    another quote I love from fr. Rick Thomas, an intellectual jesuit who now lives simply, serving the poor in Texas and mexico, especially those in garbage dumps. he has even videotaped multilication of a ham feeding hundreds

    “If God wants it, he will finance trust
    If you want it, you better start getting to work

  7. VictoriaJoDean

    good words – it is easy to panic when we can’t tangibly see how our needs will be met, even as we’re working hard – and that’s part of the journey in Jesus isn’t it? Trusting.

    On another thought – doing what you want while young and now doing the work thing gives you unusual insight into trusting that I’m sure will shine out to those who work around you.

  8. We have always had to live by faith, waiting on the Lord to provide. Being a missionary family, that’s just the way it is. Having 11 mouths to feed didn’t come easy but we chose these children who didn’t have homes and dedicated them to God. It was no big deal to Our Father to feed them.
    The same God that filled our vehicle with gas when it was $1.10 is the same God we trust to fill it up at $4.50. It’s no big deal to Our Father! Praying, trusting and having faith in God becomes a way of life, I believe. Many times we’re asked, “I don’t see how you can do….” Our answer is always the same, “We can’t but He can!”

  9. You say “Though I don’t have much” but look at the blessings you got from God which are uncountable. Fine to read you “have the great satisfaction that” your “life has counted for something” Imagine how many faith groups do not have their own worship building. We in Belgium do not have any place of our own. You have your own church and a school which is alive and well in Guatemala today because you answered the call to go. Is that not such a beautiful sign of God which you should treasure very well?

    We as children of God and followers of Jesus should be pleased that we are allowed to work for God. when our heart is on the right place we also shall feel the blessings of the Most High, though we always shall have to encounter the worldly troubles and shall have to face many worldly problems, let us hope god shall guide us in the right way and give us what is necessary to bring others also on the right path.

    God bless.

    • Thank you for this wonderful comment. I was just thinking the other day how here in America the drive is toward an ultimate goal of “owning” a building. While for sure it is a great platform from which to launch more ministry, at some point getting a building can be a distracting activity. Many times, with the building, the missionary impulse dies. What say is very profound and very appreciated. It makes me search my soul.

  10. Great advice! It’s SO easy to worry about finances; thanks for this timely post, my friend.

  11. Very encouraging post and interesting comments. But I also think we shouldn’t associate all rich people turn away from God from lack of needs. There are many rich people doing their share in God’s work and not just monetary donations. I know of a few doctors earning high income giving up everything to go to different parts of the world doing hands on charity. And even in the bible, God blesses those he love with abundance. I think it boils down to the core personality and faith of the individual. God is great! Let’s keep praying 🙂

  12. This is so encouraging. Having so much trouble with debt, job losses, unable to find word, and doing everything to care for my special needs child. I know that God has supply all my needs. God is always on time. I must learn to have patience with Him.

  13. The key is not to panic.

  14. Thanks for such an interesting post. May the good Lord give you more wisdom to share His word to the world. May He send His angels of advertisement to advertise your name and ministry to your divine helpers in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

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