How to pray? Thrills seekers

How to pray?

thrills seekers


All of a sudden, my friend, Zach, fell from the sky like a bolt. We were at the Malibu Creek Rock Pool where kids dive off the rocks into the waters below. But he hadn’t warned me he was going to fling himself from the highest perch — 30-40 feet up. When I saw him appear in the sky, my heart leapt.

I guess he knows what he’s doing, I said to myself. His head bobbed up in the water, and he swam to the side. It was my first time at the pond, and I watched in horror as other kids lunged from lesser heights. I’m a chicken for such thrills-seeking.

Malibu Creek Rock Pool


Zach, a 25-year-old former UCLA football player, hit a rock. He clambered out of the lake in pain. He had broken his tail bone in the depths of the pool. (UPDATE: Either prayer healed him or he didn’t break the bone, doctor now says! PTL! Just swollen.)

Not everyone likes this brand of fun. But as human beings, we gravitate toward excitement. Some like the thrill of a pay raise. Others, a business venture. Others, work out hard at the gym to turn eyes in the restaurant.

How to pray? Thrills seekers

Jenny flung herself from a lower perch. Still, it struck fear in my heart.

Actually a hardened prayer warrior is not a bored person. He likes thrills too! His thrills, though, derive from answers to prayer. It may takes months or years, but when you see a person change (get off drugs, improve their marriage, whatever), there’s an interior thrill of knowing you affected positively the course of human affairs. This is how to pray.

high diveMaybe you’re not interested in waiting months for an answer to prayers. Maybe you like weeks of bed rest instead.

Maybe my friend Zach will be praying a lot these days — because he won’t be doing too much else.

20 responses to “How to pray? Thrills seekers

  1. PTL it wasn’t more serious, like a broken neck!

  2. Is PTL Praise The Lord? Pardon what I’m about to say but I think your friend’s action was plain stupid and risk bad example for the kids who followed albeit from lesser heights. He should be able to see that the were rocks and the water seemed shallow to take the height of diving. Maybe I am wrong and judging too fast. Sorry if I am. But praise the Lord indeed that he is fine. We shouldn’t push our luck for thrills.

  3. Wow that was frightening

  4. What a creative way of thinking: adrenaline junkies and prayer warriors, an unlikely pairing but I definitely see the similarities.

    Hope Zach heals up quickly!

  5. This looks so scary and I am not afraid to say I ‘d rather be a coward than attempt this. He had a lucky escape and I am sure he will count his blessings.

  6. Unfortunately I can relate. Sometimes us manly men…or crazy clowns…do things just for the sake of doing them. Not a lot of forethought goes into it. I have several injuries that will stay with me through this life through sheer ” adrenaline seeking ” stupidity. But ya know what? I’d probably do it again! Why? I DO NOT KNOW. The good Lord gave me a full time brain but I’m still only using it part time. Glad Zack is doing fine. …mysterious ways indeed!

  7. Wow…the Power of Prayer is amazing! My son was completely and miraculously healed from the often deadly Bacterial Meningitis. It even stumped the infectious disease doctor of Orange County. God’s timing is always perfect. We just need to stand in the gap in prayer!

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