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How to pray? Optimize

from Christianity Matters blog

Recently, a close friend was broken. His ex was possibly dying from cancer, and even though she was an ex, heart strings were tugged. He came with me to prayer and poured out his heart to God asking for her healing. She’s better now. God answered from grace. Even though God answered, my friend still is not coming to church for gratitude, for commitment, for anything.

from cloud lounge blog

from cloud lounge blog

God’s grace is the greatest thing. You don’t earn salvation, and He doesn’t deny your prayer request just because you’re not attending church. You cannot earn a positive response from God.

But it seems to me like we’re not optimizing our prayer life when we treat God only as 911. We call Him only in emergency. It seems to me that we actually optimize our prayers when we serve Him faithfully. It’s an insult to God when we treat Him as unimportant 364 days out of the year and only remember Him on the one day we have a crisis. Still, He answers out of His grace, not out of our merits (because even when we’re somewhat faithful, we have not merits).

from blue pueblo blog

from blue pueblo blog

I don’t pretend to fully understand this. I’m only describing a tension that deserves to be rectified. There’s no mathematical formula for when you will get an answer and when not. God’s grace overrides any formula.

Maybe the best way to describe this is to say, treating God only as an Emergency Service in Heaven, is not cool. How to pray? Don’t be uncool.

31 responses to “How to pray? Optimize

  1. Amen to this. Unfortunately, crises, trauma and “hitting rock bottom” bring us all to our knees and make us feel so small and helpless, emphasizing our huge need for God! When we are strong and all is well and good in our lives, we fail to see or forget our need for God. Bringing praise to God for all his goodness is a blessing! How awesome to just wake up and know that you are safe, alive, free to worship, work, etc. etc. May praise and prayer always go hand in hand!

  2. I do so enjoy your writings ❀

  3. I think there are some of God’s blessings which are conditional upon our asking. And that brings me to thinking, how could you miss out on all the blessings God has ready by essentially ignoring him the majority of the time? Sure some of us may be able to ‘get by’ without Him (except those of us believers know that isn’t really true), but it’s been my own personal experience that developing a closer relationship with God only enriches my life. I think there’s a lot I would have missed out on, not because God would be vengeful for me ignoring him, but just because that’s the way it works. Asking. Life seems a lot easier to handle with God than without.

    But we also have to remember, like I think your post is saying, is He’s our father, and a good father like Him is always willing to help His children. He’s never going to hold a grudge against us. If anything, it’s us that holds him back because of our own shortcomings or prejudices.

    Great post, as usual! πŸ™‚

  4. As you so often have, you raise a very important point. Good post.

  5. God is so much more than an earth full of books could ever define. We know for sure that The Eternal one is love, living and ever present.

    Faithful even when creation fails, which is always.

    I know 2 things without doubt, no make that 3.

    First as said already, the creator of all that is IS love. Second I come from within the creator and the creator calls me daughter. And last but not least there is not one word, spoken or thought, that is not heard by the One who has always been.

    We get answers everyday, not only when we call the 911 hotline my beloved brother, but even when we simply think and silently wonder what might be the answer to whatever might be on our mind.

    We forget all answers from the eternal one are always there. Sadly we often ignore them and chose the answers of man…

    Sincerely – Sheri

  6. God’s tutorials in refining us usually require us to say~ Let thy will be done.”

  7. Just felt like saying: just because a person isn’t attending church doesn’t necessarily mean YHWH isn’t still first in their life. I’ve been spending a lot of time alone in the last six months, not attending church for various reasons, and I’ve found I am closer to Him than ever. He is all I have to talk to and I talk to Him A LOT. ALL DAY in fact, and half the night. If it’s cloudy and cold I ask for Him to make it sunny, if it rains I go outside and dance in it while thanking Him, etc. I think everyone should try being an island once in a while, because I’ve found in doing so Father is like the unending ocean surrounding it.

  8. A very important post. really at times we treat God as emergency service which He did not want us to do but we keep on doing it times without number even when He keep on reminding us how great His love is for us. Once again thanks!

  9. Thank you for the word of grace. It’s very easy for me to think I have some merit of my own. Rather I owe it all to Him.

  10. noordinaryjoy61

    We wouldn’t want anyone to treat us that way, and yet we treat our Savior and the Creator of the Universe like that. I never want to be a reason that Jesus weeps.

  11. “because even when we’re somewhat faithful, we have not merits”

    Ten minutes after church, I had a big fight with my spouse. I completely agreed with what he was griping with the kids about, but not HOW he was saying it. I felt like the real message of teaching was lost in the message of their long list of shortcomings. Then I had that fight where I was trying to say, let’s be a better family, but that message was lost too. It’s not that we don’t care, it’s that we fall short even when we are trying so hard to be our best.

    Some days are like that, and we hope through grace our Heavenly Father will perfectly do what we imperfectly struggle to do as earthly parents, and Grandparent us to be better parents too.

  12. nice post my friend..and thought provoking things you have mentioned here…also love the pics πŸ™‚

  13. Prayer that is effectual and fervent avails much. It would seem the effectual would mean ongoing; fervent is zealous, again including an element of continuous prayer. You’ve made an excellent point here. 911 prayer is neither effectual nor fervent, yet God chooses to answer that prayer as we’ve asken Him too. Amazing grace.

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