Little prayers: how to pray

a cheap padlock

A $1 padlock like this one saved us!


My brother made fun of us when he visited our mission church in Guatemala. Too many padlocks, he moaned.

But one extra little padlock saved us from getting completely robbed.

The thieves sawed through an iron bar to enter at the window probably at 2 a.m. They served themselves leftover coffee and ate breads. They were in no hurry. Guatemalan police are overrun with crime and work fewer shifts at night. No neighbors would interfer; they could get shot for that.

How to pray

Sweet reunion with the much-loved Pastor Alex

They took our keyboard and a few other things. But one small padlock on the outside of the door kept them from walking off with our school’s computers. I

Faith, Pastor Steven's daughter.

Faith, Pastor Steven’s daughter.

guess they ran out of time because the $1 Chinese padlock was no formidable security. What they took had to fit out the upstairs window.

Sometimes, it’s the itty bitty things that save you. That little prayer — unaccompanied by fasting, with no fancy language — will make the difference. Don’t skip it thinking it’s a mere nothing. However short it may be, however unadorned, speak it to God with sincerity. That small “cheapo” prayer may be the single factor preventing the thief (the devil) from running off with everything.

18 responses to “Little prayers: how to pray

  1. Relish Expression

    “That small “cheapo” prayer may be the single factor preventing the thief (the devil) from running off with everything” Yep!. Agreed

  2. There is no such thing as a”little prayer.” Prayer is powerful due to the one who answers it. He loves us and hears our cries, even a small squeak, and answers. Amazing God who hears, protects and answers!

  3. What a stunning photo of Faith. She is so beautiful. Is she praying here?

  4. What a beautiful little girl! Ahhhhhhh….a simple prayer can never be out powered. Whether it be from a sweet little girl or from a man with flowing eloquent words. The power of prayer is all the same. And, thank God for that.

  5. Wonderful advice. Thanks!

  6. Praise God…and the kid is so adorable!!!!

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