Reduced to a photocopy?

reduced to a photocopyStanley Yep’s greatest exploits were reduced to a photocopy that hung on the wall in his room in the rest home. Not even he knew what it meant any longer.

My father-in-law had been a big shot in LA’s Chinatown. A community watchdog and advocate, he built a sub-station for police use. He haggled with politicians for stop signs at dangerous crosswalks. He fought for neighborhood-sprucing funds to resist Chinatown’s downward spiral towards ghettodom.

IMG_3095For his indefatigable self-sacrifice in pro of mankind, he was named “Man of the Year” by the City of Los Angeles in 1982. As he lay dying, the newspaper clipping trumpeting his feats was pinned to the wall like a specimen. The only thing that mattered to him now was family and sleep.

Fortunately, Stan was a Christian. His departure Sunday from Earth meant his arrival in Heaven. When you think about the common denominator of death, what do earthly accomplishments, pleasure or riches signify? At best, they are a news article.

We packed Stan’s plaques, crystal glass awards gathering dust, from the shelf, into a box. There they rest. His body is being cremated and the ashes will lie in the Veteran’s Administration cemetery. A titanium identification will be placed in the urn, the only lasting memory on this planet.

But as his memory fades, He will live on in Heaven. His achievements for the gospel will be remembered.

18 responses to “Reduced to a photocopy?

  1. It never in vain what we do for the Lord! Even if it was nothing more that a cup of water to a stranger or visiting a prisoner. Never in vain! His reward will be great in heaven.

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  3. I have a similar legacy (you can Google W. Maxfield Garrott) and I feel a deep empathy with you and your wife right now. May the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, wrap you in His arms and remind you of what you already know, so that you may rest, relax, and rejoice in our glorious Lord.

    • I would like to meet you very much. I have been spending these days with my uncle (from my wife’s side). He diverted from his business trip to New York to here in Los Angeles when he found out about my father-in-law’s passing. He wanted to be with his sister. We have been spending a lot of time in sweet fellowship. He lives and works in Shanghai. If I can make it over to the East, I would like to meet you. Are you in Tokyo?

  4. Amen to that. I’m sorry for the loss of your father in law.

  5. Great is his reward in heaven, I am certain–a crown that never tarnishes, jewels that never fade, a Savior-King’s banquet prepared for him. May he rest peacefully in the presence of the Lord he served.

  6. Today I danced in the street for him who is dancing in Heaven.

  7. He sounds like an amazing man. It just occurred to me that I shall likely meet him someday. (Will we literally meet/know everyone in the body come eternity?) What a joy to know a loved one is in a place of perfection with Jesus himself, yes?

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