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Faith 2

Faith is not result of striving;

It is results of surrender.

Bill Johnson

Photo credit : sunset in Bali,Indonesia by Kevin Lam

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9 responses to “Faith

  1. Hello Karina, I’d say faith is both a surrender to a perfectly just and loving being and the result of a persevering hope in the midst of doubts and difficulties.

    Of course, I’m speaking from my own experience like almost everyone else.

    Lovely greetings from continental Europe.

  2. Planting Potatoes


  3. This is very true. I have found the more I strive, the more I have to “force” something to happen…the more I waste my time and effort on something that shouldn’t be. When something is right, it just is. It fits. Puzzle pieces finding their place. Faith is believing that if you wait, the puzzle pieces will find their place, and everything will fit, and you will be happy and thankful that you didn’t settle for that thing you were forcing.

  4. This is nice of you to give us another person’s thoughts. Very nice post today!

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