He only wanted the trophy

Youth-Boy-Soccer-Bobblehead-Award-TrophyEddie let it be known constantly how much he resented everything. That he had to play soccer, had to go to practice. That I asked him to learn to kick with his insole or to run. As a park coach, I had to be patient and incorporate him.

Occasionally, Eddie kicked the ball in the right direction in games. I wouldn’t call him a game-changer. I got the idea that he didn’t even like the game — or maybe any sports.

imagesBut when we got our trophies (everybody gets one in park leagues), he was the first. His eyes glistened. Finally, I saw some enjoyment in the kid.

Just cheap plastic spray-painted gold color, but it was a veritable treasure for Eddie.

Are you living life for life’s sake or only interested in the fool’s gold to be had along the way? The saying goes: The one with the most toys at the end, wins.

But at the end, you’re dead and can’t enjoy your many toys. Will you be ready to meet your Maker?

Play soccer for soccer’s sake, not for a dust-gathering shelf occupant. Live life for life’s sake, not for the shiny veneer of “prizes” that many are obsessed with. Enjoy life more than the trappings.

12 responses to “He only wanted the trophy

  1. Very well put! Last paragraph are words to live by. Thanks!

  2. Are you living life for life’s sake or only interested in the fool’s gold to be had along the way?… good point! We fall into these trappings so early on in life. Eddie was blessed to have you for a coach– seeds were planted (maybe not soccer skills, but more important ones!)

  3. I received another message from this story:
    Some are so afraid of losing they won’t even try to play the game… religion is like that…. unfortunately so is Christianity. The “rules” seem so impossible to follow that many opt out altogether or prefer to just sit out afraid they will just get hurt.

    Our God is a Gracious God, however and offers each of us a prize NO MATTER HOW WELL WE PLAY just by showing up! ;o) And in the END we will realize we are Winners and we ARE worthy of His love, whether we played well or not ;o)

  4. Well said 🙂 I hope people of this generation understand that winning is not everything. They go for rewards & it is a disappointing trend which is rising.

  5. It is so sad that we forget about this extremely important truth here!

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