Prayer: Moses ‘rocked’ until he threw stones

frustration and prayer

Stop striking out in anger and calling people “rebels.” It won’t bring any good. Instead, pray.

Moses brought 40 years of ministry to a depressing demise because he acted out of frustration instead of faith. “Speak to the Rock!” God had told him. “And the waters will gush out for their thirst in this dry desert.”

Instead, Moses struck the Rock with his staff. And he called the people “rebels.” He upbraided them and appropriated the miracle to himself instead of giving God the credit.

As a result, waters came out and the people quenched their thirst. But Moses wasn’t allowed to to into the Promised Land. He was deprived of the crown jewel to complete his ministry. He was cut off from the flourish finish. In short, he was cut short, and 40 years of effective ministry became ineffective.

moses and prayerSuch a disappointing denouement is a high-pitched warning to those of us who want to persevere in ministry. Did he just burn out? Did he stop believing in prayer?

The New Testament identifies the “Rock” as Jesus. Did Moses lash out at God because “one more trial” was a critical mass for him? It is sobering to think. Let’s stick with prayer and faith and avoid frustration.

27 responses to “Prayer: Moses ‘rocked’ until he threw stones

  1. Even those in ministry have to learn to “back off” Those of us who are in ministry often have learned this as Moses did….THE HARD WAY!!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Pastor Ashcraft, the little I know about you, I can see you a true man of God. Your posts–which I follow–always seem to be up-building. Thanks for the reminder from Moses to finish strong.

  3. Wow! You cut right to the truth. Well said. Don’t complain…PRAY. I often wonder what the world would look like if we Christians actually did what we preached. I am now off to take your advice πŸ™‚

  4. I think that story is a reminder of how easy it is to sin in anger or when we act impulsively. Acting first + thinking later = lasting regret.

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  6. Pastor Ashcraft, a timely message for me. I find myself not lashing out at others, but at myself. Those “one more trials” that God sends are mere confirmations that He has not forgotten us, but we are still being baked to perfection in the Potter’s kiln. We are off the wheel but there is still much trying He has to do. Keep up those words of encouragement. They are a blessing to me.

  7. To stop striking out in anger is something that I am wrestling with. With God’s help I’m going to break that bad habit.

  8. Amen! It’s natural to be angry first and to strike out at others instead of stepping back to pray our way through the situation. Thanks for this interesting take on Moses; very timely for me.

  9. this is a story for individuals and pastors. frequently pastors verbally beat and upbraid their members, focusing upon weaknesses, daily shortcomings and faults, forgetting about Grace and our need to “forget and foresake that which is behind and move forward.”

  10. Never made the connection between striking the ‘rock’ with the staff and The Rock being Jesus….how often do we ‘strike The Rock? Thanks for some thoughtful writing!

  11. It was amazing how that one action, as your blog said, put such a blight on 40 years of faithful service. Just one act of temper … However, it is good to know that though Moses did not enter the Promised Land, he certainly has been enjoying eternal life in a far better “land.”

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