Depend on God


24 responses to “Depend on God

  1. I absolutely need God my every moment. I could not get through theses past months were it not for His strength and continuing love.

  2. Good as it stands, but to be honest, we couldn’t even draw breath if it weren’t for His grace.

  3. I can do nothing without Jesus Christ

  4. Stretch that faith! Thanks!

  5. Reblogged this on A Christian Warrior and commented:
    Now this is a good idea.
    Thankfully He also is faithful and trustworthy
    and so turns up to help those who trust in Him
    So much of my life requires trust in Him
    Him doing things I can not manage on my own

  6. Well at our revival, the message What is your Strength? Your strength can be your weakness. should me just how much more I don’t depend on God when I think I’m strong enough.

  7. He is needed every moment really – we want Him or not is not the question.

  8. Wonderful idea! This will make us exercise our faith, strengthen our relationship with God and make us better people.

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