No wonder they try to discredit His beginning and end


Pseudo-intellectual siege after siege has been brought against Jesus to cast doubt over the historicity.

“Scholars” have focused on details small and large in this attempt. But those attempts have failed. The evidence supporting the Biblical accounts is overwhelming, as is His undeniable work in me.

Let’s celebrate Christmas not as businessmen but as the gratefully saved.


23 responses to “No wonder they try to discredit His beginning and end

  1. But those attempts have failed. The evidence supporting the Biblical accounts is overwhelming

    That’s a pretty huge claim. The Bible’s problems are numerous and easy to find for anyone who’s interested. The virgin birth, for instance, was not a prophecy directed at Jesus at all. Nor was it a prophecy that the girl would still be a virgin when she got pregnant. In fact, it seems that the word Isaiah used wasn’t even “virgin,” but “young maiden.” The Septuagint translated it as “virgin,” which is what caused the writer of Matthew to use it as a prophecy.

    Regardless of word choice, just going back and reading Isaiah 7 and 8 shows that Isaiah was talking about something in his own time, not an event that would come about 700 years later.

    And that’s far from the only issue.

    • Hi Nate! Thanks for the interaction! I am familiar with Hebrew and am aware of what you are talking about, as I am with the passage of Isaiah 7&8. I’m sure you’re familiar with my response, so I won’t bother to bore you with it. I really do welcome critics of the Bible and don’t resort to hellfire and damnation as a retort. I think that Bible really does stand the tests, all the tests. I think people have subjected the Bible to more tests than any other book of antiquity and it has come out marvelously. I am aware of “problem texts” that have yet to be resolved. Not because of these have I lost my faith. I forget which French philosopher declared his lack of faith because of the Biblical’s claim as to the existence of the Hittite empire, which at his time had not been discovered by the archeology of his day. Since, it was discovered, and the Bible was legitimized (again) by archaeology, but the critics moved on to new targets. In any case, I don’t pretend to inform you of something you don’t already know. You’re right: my claim was huge. But I think I’m not exaggerating to say that anyone’s claim that the Bible is unreliable or uninspired by God is also pretty huge. There is enough there to amaze the unjaundiced reader (which I don’t mean to suggest you are). In any case, friendship my brother, Mike

      • Thanks for the reply, Mike. Sorry if my later comment sounded rude — when I saw other comments trickle in, I thought mine was being overlooked. Instead, I guess those commenters had been approved earlier.

        People will fall on different sides of this issue, and since you and I are both knowledgeable about the issues, it’s doubtful that either of us will change our stance unless a flood of new evidence surfaces. However, there are plenty of people who are unaware of the difficulties; I was unaware of them for most of my time as a Christian. All I heard was how empty the skeptics’ claims really were, but upon closer examination, I found that to be an utterly false claim. There are real problems, even if some believers are able to maintain their faith in light of them.

        It’s my hope that more and more people do what you and I have done, and study these things for themselves. It’s one thing for people to say they have the truth — it’s another matter entirely to honestly look for it.



  2. “My heart is stirred whene’er I think of Jesus, that blessed Name that sets the captive free. . . .”

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  4. Of course those pseudo-intellectual attack Jesus, because apparently they have studied the Bible enough to know that Jesus is the centre of the Bible and if they (although they think they can) can discredit Jesus, then they hope to discredit the whole Bible. But our beautiful God and therefore also Jesus are so very real, so they cannot be discredited …. God bless you, Jesus … especially how you died on the cross for our sins!

  5. AMEN. So glad there are those of us who KNOW and are not buying
    the “consumer” meaning of Christmas.

  6. *sigh* I don’t guess my comment will ever get out of moderation huh? Maybe this is why those “attempts” fail? Hard to show people the problems when they turn a blind eye…

  7. Succinctly said… and most certainly true.

  8. Those pseudo-intellectuals attack the truth of Jesus because they choose to deny the truth of their own sin.

  9. no better evidence than the one we have experienced – and continue to experience – knowing Jesus. Really blessed by this

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