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Winners and losers

winner or loserWe divide people into winners and losers.

But in Christianity, we are all losers (because we are all sinners), and Jesus invites us to join the winning team (His).

Jesus was the only Person who was without sin. He triumphed over sin, over Satan and over death.

So we Christians MUST not view anyone as “losers.” Because that’s what we all are. We have been made winners not by our individual accomplishments but by what Christ did for us, adopting us into His kingdom.

To anyone who has not yet become a follower of Christ, I invite you. It can be frustrating trying to be a “winner” in this cruel world. Somebody is always better. Sooner or later, someone will always beat you. Jesus accepts all “losers” and makes them a valuable part of the winning team.


You want what?

God's sovereignty





Keep waiting patiently

Wait on God

Worst enemy

worst enemyI beat myself up more than anyone.

Maybe it was somebody else who had the unrestrained tongue. Why do I rehearse it in my head?

God wants to free us from the rants in our heads. He wants to redeem everything thought and line it up with the loving truth of Christ. The world and the devil will try to slam you. Don’t help them out.

God is the editor of your life

editorI’ve seen people fight editors. They want to write well. They foolishly think their prose is pure genius and needs no improvement.

I myself have done it. I wrote an article for the UCLA Daily Bruin. A friend shortened it and made it punchier. But I liked the original version. Why? Because it was mine. I reverted it. Years later, with more experience and wisdom, I regretted editing my editor.

I have also been an editor. It’s grievous to me to have writers resist the improvements I’ve made on their copy.

God is the editor of your life. An editor is not there to make you miserable or make you feel stupid. He’s only there to greatly improve your article.


Carry another’s burdens

Lighten someone's load





You’re a genius



More than Hercules could

Herculean feat

I’m scratching my head

probably no godSomebody is going to have to explain this to me. I thought these guys were trying to promote atheism. Why does it look like they’re exposing that the fundamental underpinning of atheism is selfishness? I think I would pay more attention if there was a service-to-humanity factor, not just an “uncork the bottle and indulge.”


That awkward moment

awkward moment





Be careful (with life too!)


Shed the shackles

depressionThe Bible says to take captive every thought. It seems like we modern people struggle with self esteem and internal negativity. The worst rant is the accusing finger inside your heart.

As a Christian, I believe the chief work is done by Christ. But we Christians must do the work of focusing our thought life on positives. Maybe you’re surrounded by hounds who criticize. Maybe you need to cancel your EnvyBook account. It’s astonishing what a little Bible-reading and prayer can do to lift your spirits.

Credibility to speak

Harold WarnerWhen he was serving God, Pastor Harold Warner suffered a car accident that left him in a wheelchair. Recently, he needed an amputation for a nasty festering infection. So naturally it hit like a tidal wave at Bible conference when he declared: Through all the trials, I never doubted the goodness of God.





Pray Like You Mean It

Pray Like You Mean It


What else is there to do with life?

meaning of life


See people differently

eyes of eternity

Pray for my trip to Africa.

Africa Medical missionDr. Bob Hamilton has done medical missions in Africa for years, and finally I’m going. If the has ever blessed you, then please pray God raises up $3,000 for air fare, hotel, food, visas, immunizations, etc. The trip is March 27 to April 6.

I have written in the capacity as a journalist about these medical missions before (a 3-part series that starts here), and now I want to report firsthand in support of this awesome ministry. Thanks for your prayers!

Oh yeah, you can read about the Lighthouse medical missions on its website here.


The light is superior

Jesus is light

Enough of Enough?

Jesus is EnoughPhoto credit Alexey Trofimov

Completely turned around

completely turned aroundIs there anything more beautiful than a life completely turned around?

Hello to my friends

I and my family (don't you hate grammarians?) at Universal Studios at night.

I and my family (don’t you hate grammarians?) at Universal Studios at night.

I am guilty of working my blog less, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate you all. It literally gives me joy to see all the people still liking my blogs (which I have been fewer lately)! Thanks everyone! May God bless you all.

I have been busy, teaching at our high school, doing internet promotion, coaching soccer, and the like. I have been writing on the about our school. So even though I have dropped off with, don’t worry. I’m still doing the Lord’s work, and that always brings joy.

So here’s a word to faithful friends, friends who have encouraged me now for two years on the blogosphere: Thanks and flag not in your service for the Lord. Nothing you do is in vain.


True love

true love


Strive for the prize

Prize in Jesus


Wouldn’t you open it?



Lean on Jesus



Where God leads

God's surprises


Don’t look back



Happy New Year!