Shed the shackles

depressionThe Bible says to take captive every thought. It seems like we modern people struggle with self esteem and internal negativity. The worst rant is the accusing finger inside your heart.

As a Christian, I believe the chief work is done by Christ. But we Christians must do the work of focusing our thought life on positives. Maybe you’re surrounded by hounds who criticize. Maybe you need to cancel your EnvyBook account. It’s astonishing what a little Bible-reading and prayer can do to lift your spirits.


18 responses to “Shed the shackles

  1. Much whistling and approval! Great job!

  2. When that bully starts going on and on… I close my eyes and imagine the arms of Jesus around me, sitting with me on that playground of my mind, and all I have to say is “SO?” (knowing that the Creator of the Universe has me tucked securely under His mighty arm)

  3. Extremely important. I couldn’t count the number of people I’ve worked with who have been shackled by internal lies.

  4. I can be such an uncompromising heal! I need the Gospel!

  5. It is this issue that prompted my blog “Victories and Gratitudes” ( After a particularly difficult struggle with self-doubt, some dear friends challenged me to say out loud, as the first and last portion of my day, some good things they helped me recognize.
    I also watched: ( which revealed real brain rewiring by doing this. Thus, at the end of each day, I write good things about the day, and gifts from my Savior. It really does get easier with practice! (See also Phil. 4:8 & Rom.12:2)

  6. I love your posts — simple, strong, to the point!

  7. VictoriaJoDean

    Well said. Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus…..

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