I’m scratching my head

probably no godSomebody is going to have to explain this to me. I thought these guys were trying to promote atheism. Why does it look like they’re exposing that the fundamental underpinning of atheism is selfishness? I think I would pay more attention if there was a service-to-humanity factor, not just an “uncork the bottle and indulge.”

35 responses to “I’m scratching my head

  1. I could understand it if it’s a liquor store trying to sell more (badely – not that liquor in itself is inherently bad).

  2. I note several intriguing parts of the argument. First, they do not claim conclusively that God does not exist. Second, they suggest that the existence of God would be a reason to worry (Remember that Jesus teaches his disciples not to worry or be anxious because there is a caring God in the Sermon on the Mount). Third, they suggest that human existence is a “proof” of the non-existence of God without saying why this is the case. It strikes me as an emotion-based, somewhat irrational, and as you note, selfish argument for atheism that in the end proves nothing.

  3. Eat, drink and be happy for tomorrow we die. Living like there is no God – The fool has said in his heart – there is no God, No God, NO God over me!

  4. Yes….but they aren’t really sure there is no God?

  5. I don’t believe in atheism.

  6. Why are religious people so deluded as to believe in sky fairies?

  7. As a former atheist, I could’ve found a billion better arguments than this one.

  8. Atheism is not synonymous with selfishness. I know plenty of selfish “Christians” and other religious persons out there. Many atheists believe in Humanism, meaning we place value in the human being-the individual and the community-and our ability to run our own lives without divine intervention.

  9. I read the sign as simply saying that one should stop worrying about the arguments pro and against God’s existence and go and enjoy oneself, not as one commenter put it that ‘the existence of god would be reason to worry’.

    i don’t really understand the proof of atheism bit though.

  10. I liked the United Church of Canada reply which was to put up some bus ads saying, “There probably is a God. Now stopy worrying and enjoy your life.”

  11. I know for sure that God is Alive. Irrespective of what anybody say or do .

  12. God bless and thanks for stopping by

  13. I think this is a silly way to promote atheism. But most atheists I know appreciate when we pray for them, I call this Grace. They acknowledge they may be weak and need prayer. I think this gives me Hope! Smiles, Robin

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