God is the editor of your life

editorI’ve seen people fight editors. They want to write well. They foolishly think their prose is pure genius and needs no improvement.

I myself have done it. I wrote an article for the UCLA Daily Bruin. A friend shortened it and made it punchier. But I liked the original version. Why? Because it was mine. I reverted it. Years later, with more experience and wisdom, I regretted editing my editor.

I have also been an editor. It’s grievous to me to have writers resist the improvements I’ve made on their copy.

God is the editor of your life. An editor is not there to make you miserable or make you feel stupid. He’s only there to greatly improve your article.

13 responses to “God is the editor of your life

  1. Amen! Loved this take on God being the editor of our lives and feel that it’s something we need to remember more often, especially when we ‘submit’ an article that requires severe ‘editing’. Thanks for a great start to the week ahead.

  2. I absolutely loved the message of this post. I definitely need to remember this!

  3. Amen! What a beautiful post…yes God is the editor of our lives….

  4. Sometimes my story needs an outright rewrite! Amen!

  5. Reblogged this on jpgharden and commented:
    God knows your ending before your beginning. So your story has already been told. You just have to recreate it with greatness and passion.

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