How do you define Christianity?

ChristianityCertainly “truth” would be another area for definition. But my faith in the Truth impels me to act. The same love of the Savior buzzes in me, and I cannot stand myself if I am not about Jesus’ business.

Parenthetically, I renounce the idea that I am trying to earn my salvation. I am saved because of Jesus’ work on the cross. Because of Jesus work on the cross, out of sublime gratitude and with joy, I work to alleviate others’ suffering.

And you? How do you define Christianity?

7 responses to “How do you define Christianity?

  1. This definition agrees with James 1:27, but living in a predominantly non-Christian country I have trouble using it as an exclusive definition, certainly.

  2. The freedom to choose to do right! I don’t work to be saved, I work because I am saved and want to show “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”.

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  4. The orignial meaning of the word “Christian” was pejorative. It was used in a demeaning way and meant “little Christs.” Which I think is a wonderful definite of Christianity–being little Christs. Being Who He is. Becoming more like Him in every way.

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