My heart goes out to them…


Though my heart goes out to the multitudes who have been hurt by “toxic” churches, I am not among those abandoning the church. If Christ instituted, going AWOL cannot be part of the solution, regardless of damage done. You may need to change church, not leave it entirely.

I belong to the group seeking reform for the church. When I see reform, I wish to reform myself. I, a sinner, need to change. I am part of the church. As I change and become truly more Christ-like, the church will better reflect His love.

So many of my posts challenge unbelievers in their unbelief that I am even fearful to publish this challenge to the church to self-examination, self-surgery, self-healing. (I didn’t hardly even dare to make visible the stinging criticism in the picture. Only if you look closely can you make it out.)

Jesus said: As you judge, you will be judged. Let us therefore use mercy one with another. Love those who are hard to love in the church. Don’t come down to their insecurity. If they rattle off criticisms, don’t you do it.

16 responses to “My heart goes out to them…

  1. Amen. A great resource recommended by Pastor Chip Ingrim for dealing with others’ insecurities is a book called “The Strong and the Weak” by Paul Tournier. Joining you in prayer for a transformed church, unified in Spirit.

  2. You know I certainly applaud your courage for this post Brother! Know that we pray with one heart and mind in this “department”. Blessings 🙂

  3. Yeah, gnawing on those bones gets a little tough. Sorry-I couldn’t resist.

    Several years ago, there was a push to restore/transform the congregations within my “denomination.” I heard ministers and lay people one after the other see an obtainable goal and were so bent on achieving that goal they wanted people to get out of their way–members–in order to be “transformed.” They wanted these members to leave the church–not to be transformed within. It wasn’t supposed to be a finish line but they treated it that way.

    We get hurt at times but if we leave then it gets worse. It’s about what we can bring to the table–all of us not just a few. It’s about including and not excluding, etc. Infighting will kill a church.

  4. The Maoris are going to love you bringing up their cannibal past. Its sssshhhh about that in NZ 😉

  5. Having been eaten by the ELCA I can relate!

  6. Father God, You know that just as no man is righteous, no denomination is exempt from hurting their flock. You are close to the broken hearted. Heal us all, the ones that hurt without knowing, the ones hurting, the ones hurting out of hurt, all of us. take out the splinters and take out the planks in our eyes and help us to love each other better. Make us be the example Your lost so need so they can join us in Your fold.

  7. Excellent, pointed, and needed, as the high number of responses indicates.

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