Why we pray…

Why we pray

Gratitude is born of the struggle, so when God doesn’t answer immediately, He simply is building towards an emotional outpouring. Don’t waver. Keep praying and believing.

The Bible itself encourages us to persevere in prayer. Jesus Himself taught us to not lose heart.

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19 responses to “Why we pray…

  1. It’s in the waiting for the answer to prayer that we press in to the Lord. In the praying and waiting, we sit at the feet of Jesus acknowledging His strength and our weakness.

  2. Thank you for these beautiful words! I love how God gives us what we need at the exact moment we need it!

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    Great post about praying!! Worth a read.

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    Keep praying and keep believing.
    Have faith because your time will come…

  5. Nothing is coming easy at this moment, appreciate the post!

  6. A good reminder for me right now: “Don’t waver. Keep praying and believing. ” I’m going to hold onto those words for a while.

  7. Such a prophetic word… thank you.

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