The momentum

Christian school in GuatemalaA good chunk of my life went to the mission field — almost 16 years planting churches and a school in Guatemala. It’s been four years since I left, and now that I visit, I see miracles, miracles, miracles. Miracles continue.

These kids have an environment free from bullying, free from cutting, free from drugs, free from pornography, free from so many quicksand pits that are swallowing the lives of our youth.

To be sure, there have been failures. One kid who was expelled is now dead. Another just got out of jail. Another got pregnant out of wedlock. Not all the stories are success.

amazing testimonies

I love Henry. This is his beautiful daughter.

But there are undeniable testimonies of revolutionized lives. One kid unwittingly ran the errands of narcs. He had been kicked out of every school he enrolled prior. Today, he is an upstanding parent and put his girl in our school. Excuse me while tears well up. Jesus did this. I just let my life be used.

It took oodles of prayer and oodles of work, but it was all worth it. And the momentum continues. Miracles of salvation and healing continue. Pray for the Door Church in Guatemala.

12 responses to “The momentum

  1. All glory to God, but thank you for your faithfulness. He can use anyone, but you chose to be available. May this visit be affirmation to you and to those who are carrying on what you started.

  2. Thank you for sharing this brother. Wow, praise God with the story of the guy in the picture. =)

  3. Thanks for sharing. May all glory be given to Him who is worthy to be glorified. Blessing!!!

  4. Thanks Mike for this post. As someone who is a newbie to missions it’s encouraging to hear of the fruit that has come from your years of service to the kingdom! My He bless you in whatever is next.

  5. What an awesome testimony..

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