The lost one


Not one of the lost ones in the church in Guatemala.

At 11 years of age, a former student told his little brother and sister to not move while he hung himself in front of them. The tykes obeyed.

What angst or demon would a boy to such unthinkable horrors as rival the Holocaust? I cannot comprehend. It tears me up inside. What could we have done to avoid this?

We don’t win every battle. We lose some badly. Amid the exultings of success stories lurk the blackest stains of those who chose not to listen to the word of God, who opted for worldliness instead of godliness.

Guatemalan kid

The Iglesia Cristiana La Puerta works to save kids from the lostness of the world. Happiness results. This is what moves me.

I’m sorry, but I can’t get excited about a celeb’s fashion faux paux. When you have lived ravages, it’s impossible to dwell on the frivolous.

It galls to hear atheists revile Christians as a great evil. I assure you: It was not a Christian that drove that kid to twisted thoughts, emotions and actions. It was something sinister. It was something we Christians fight against.

Christian Fellowship Ministries

Resting after a soccer game, these youth are part of the Liceo Bilingue La Puerta Christian school in Guatemala.

Can you be moved to act? Christianity needs Christians who are not side-tracked by selfish desires, who take up the weight of prayer, who take the Good News of hope to the streets.

We lost one. Near you, there’s one who’s on the verge of being lost. Only you are within reach to help, if you will let yourself be moved.

21 responses to “The lost one

  1. How sad. It happens all around us and sometimes we don’t act when we should or we act when we shouldn’t. God bless the little ones….and the big ones, too.

  2. My heart aches. We buried a precious one Thursday. I pray! I pray! I pray we can always be there to hand out the flashlights to the ones in the dark. Oh, God send me!

  3. What a terrible tragedy. I’m praying for these kids who had to witness this…

  4. What heartache and pain. We are called to be there!

  5. I can certainly see how these sweet people can touch your heart. They touched mine and I don’t even know them. Who could ever forget those smiles, blessings for what you do for the honor of God and for His children,

  6. Such a sad tale but like you said, we can’t win them all. And there are battles we win every day, when we turn even a single soul to Christ the heavens rejoice. Although we need to work hard, because the devil work hard to harvest many to his kingdom.

  7. Some very good points here, thanks for sharing this.

  8. Pastor, what a challenge set before us in these last days. We might not be able to reach everyone, but surely we can reach one!

  9. Your love for the people there is evident and your gift for caring shows His Grace. Hugs, Robin

  10. Praying! It does put what’s important in perspective!

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